What’s Your People Energy Manifesto?

Jun 17, 2024 | First Person

By Alicia Parr, founder of Performentor and member of NAWBO Greater Raleigh

A manifesto? Isn’t that one of those scary things that bad people write before they do some really bad things? Well, sure…but a manifesto can also be for good things too. How so?

A manifesto tells the world what your underlying assumptions are about how people work together to accomplish that purpose. A manifesto says things like, “We believe that striving for excellence is a team sport.” Or, “We believe that to grow our company, we must grow our team members.” To give you a gist.

A well-crafted manifesto is not just a statement of purpose or a recasting of your mission. You probably already have a mission and a purpose that tells your “why.” Rather, a manifesto is a strategic tool that clarifies for all what you believe. A manifesto is designed to unleash and harness your team’s energy to propel growth through clarity and alignment.

Your manifesto does more than outline a company’s identity and aspirations; it mobilizes, inspires and aligns the entire workforce toward achieving collective goals. Integrating the imperative to activate the team’s dynamic energy makes the manifesto even more potent. Let’s explore why such a manifesto is essential for your business, how it serves to energize your team and how to effectively craft one.

The Imperative of a People-Centric Manifesto

A manifesto that taps into the people energy of an organization is vital for several reasons:

  1. Empower Colleagues: A people-centric manifesto empowers team members by recognizing and valuing their contributions. It communicates trust and respect, motivating individuals to invest their best efforts into the company’s vision.
  2. Cultivate Ownership: When employees see their own beliefs and values reflected in the company’s manifesto, they are more likely to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities. This heightened level of engagement fosters a proactive workplace culture, essential for innovation and growth.
  3. Share the Vibe: A manifesto that resonates with the team ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction, creating a powerful synergy. This alignment amplifies efforts and accelerates progress toward organizational goals.
  4. People Energy Propels Growth: A compelling, people-focused manifesto attracts talent aligned with the company’s vision and values, reducing turnover and fostering a dedicated workforce.
Crafting a Manifesto to Harness People Energy

To create a manifesto that truly unleashes and harnesses your team’s energy, it’s essential to involve them in the crafting process and focus on the elements that foster engagement and drive. Here’s an enhanced approach:

Reflecting on Energy and Commitment
Start with personal reflections that are specifically aimed at understanding and harnessing energy within the team:

  1. Individual Insights: Have each team member articulate what energizes them about their work and the company. Ask them to describe moments when they felt most engaged and fulfilled and share underlying beliefs about what enables them to succeed. Do the same exercise with work that is draining and explore how to reduce that.
  2. Group Dynamics: In group sessions, encourage discussions about how the team’s energy has positively impacted past projects or how it could transform future outcomes. Identify methods to better unleash and harness each team member’s energy for the shared purpose of the organization. This collective brainstorming can lead to powerful insights that form the core of your manifesto.

Building the Manifesto: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Individual Into Group Ideation: After individual reflection, bring teams together to distill their thoughts into a shared vision. This should focus on creating statements like “We thrive by…” or “We energize each other through…” to capture the dynamic spirit of the workforce. A shortcut is to start each statement with “We believe…”
  2. Drafting “We Believe” Statements: Build energy-focused insights from group discussions to formulate statements that resonate with the ethos and aspirations of your team. These statements should reflect both the current energy within the company and how it can be channeled toward future growth.
  3. Feedback and Refinement: Share the drafted manifesto with the whole team, solicit feedback and make adjustments. This inclusive approach ensures that the manifesto not only resonates with all team members, but also truly represents their collective energy and commitment.
  4. Leadership Endorsement and Rollout: Once refined, the leadership must endorse and embody the manifesto, demonstrating their commitment to the principles outlined. Communicate the manifesto through various channels and integrate it into everyday business practices to keep the team’s energy focused and aligned.

Example: Chapel Hill Tire

Consider how Chapel Hill Tire’s manifesto could incorporate specific commitments to using team energy for innovation in service delivery, thus directly linking employee engagement with customer satisfaction and business growth.

Making the Manifesto Part of Your Culture

A business manifesto designed to unleash and harness your team’s people energy is a powerful catalyst for growth. It not only defines the company’s identity and aspirations, but also actively engages and motivates the workforce, aligning their energies towards common goals. This strategic focus on people energy ensures that the manifesto isn’t just a static document, but a living, breathing part of the company’s culture, driving it towards success.

About the Author…
Alicia Parr is the innovative founder of Performentor, revolutionizing HR with 20 years of experience and a behavior science-based approach tailored for small businesses. As a visionary, she excels in creating learning cultures, fostering a growth mindset, and guiding high-performing teams. An accomplished executive coach, Alicia applies her deep knowledge in psychology, marketing, and mass communication to empower business leaders. She developed a unique operating model, Unleash People Energy™, that reframes the definition of a business as the conversion of people energy into economic value. With an enduring passion for understanding human performance and an impressive record as an endurance athlete, Alicia embodies the spirit of a disruptive leader, dedicated to shaping the future of human resource management. Learn more here.

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