Make Supporting Women Business Owners Your Legacy

The gift of endowment provides a permanent source of funding for the NAWBO University’s programs now and in the future

The NAWBO University for Entrepreneurial Development is the National Association of Women Business Owner’s 501(c)3 non-profit educational foundation that seeks to provide opportunities for capacity building and organizational development for emerging and established women entrepreneurs.

The University’s Impact

Through the NAWBO University’s WBE/MWBE certification program to open new doors to opportunity and growth, international travel grants for global outreach, education, articles, best practices and private social communities, we aim to strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of women business owners and to promote economic development within the entrepreneurial community so that we can build a legacy of success for the next generation of women entrepreneurs. These programs serve women business owners both nationally and internationally, regardless of membership in NAWBO.

The role of NAWBO University Endowment is to sustain this important work in the present, while providing a permanent source of revenue to the University to grow its reach and impact in the future. In fact, an endowment is a permanent fund that’s never touched—only a portion of the interest is used for programs. The balance is reinvested to ensure the fund’s growth and a source of income in perpetuity.

Your Impact, Your Legacy

Consider how the NAWBO University has helped to power your entrepreneurial dreams, and how it can help future generations of women entrepreneurs like you. By giving the gift of endowment, you are making supporting these women business owners your legacy.

Ways to Give

Give directly

Gifts by cash, check or credit card are critically important because they can be put to work immediately.

Make a Donation

Give appreciated securities

These are tax deductible at their full market value.

Pledge to give

State your intention to make a gift; perhaps giving a “first installment” and deferring the bulk of your giving until a future date.

Give property

Either in its entirety or in part, real estate can be deeded to the endowment.

Give through will or living trust

Donors can specify that they would like their estate to benefit the NAWBO University.

Create a charitable gift annuity

Donors may transfer money, securities or real estate in trust to the endowment.

Name the endowment as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan

Doing so may result in more assets being passed on to your heirs than if you make a bequest from other funds in your estate.

Get Ideas for Giving

Sign up now for the NAWBO endowment program mailing list. Each month, we will send you one whitepaper or article to help inform your giving. Also, if at any time you would like to speak one-on-one with a NAWBO University leader about your personal giving goals and desires, please email [email protected] and we will arrange it.

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