Embrace a more holistic, sustainable version of success in the NAWBO Circle ($1Million+) Program

As entrepreneurs and owners of larger companies, you are wired for growth. In your quest for “success,” you may have bought into the common notions that more is better and greater revenue equals greater happiness. Yet there’s a problem with that definition of success: it is not sustainable or holistically healthy. When relationships, physical and mental well-being, community involvement and other things that are important are sacrificed, “success” can be painful. Your time has come to create and embrace a more holistic, sustainable version of success with this NAWBO University program for members and non-members who either currently own businesses with $1 million or more in annual revenue or who previously did and wish to stay connected and/or are growing new ones.

The purpose of the NAWBO Circle ($1 Million+) is to provide top-tier women business owners with access and connection to other high-achieving women business owners to align all aspects of their lives to develop deeper bonds, better businesses and stronger communities.

Annual Program Includes

In-Person Events

  • Leadership Academy Registration
  • Annual Circle Spring Retreat Registration
  • New for 2024: NAWBO Days Early Bird Pricing Extension
  • New for 2024: Fall Business Retreat VIP Registration Option

Virtual Activities

  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Masterminds

Other Benefits

  • New for 2024: Private University platform area
  • Monthly Circle-at-a-Glance communication and event reminders
  • Opportunities to speak on panels and at in-person and virtual events
  • Media opportunities

Join Us

You may join the Circle ($1 Million+) at any time! The annual cost is:


Legacy: for members who previously owned a $1M + company


for NAWBO Premier members with a $1Million+ business


for non-members with a $1Million+ business

Please note: Participants are responsible for travel, lodging and any extra activities for all NAWBO in-person events they choose to attend throughout the year.

Questions about $1 Million+? Please reach out to Lynda Bishop at [email protected].

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