Three Tips on How to Attract the Best Talent Right Now

May 19, 2021 | First Person

By Rumzz Bajwa, digital strategist and content marketer

In today’s climate, recruiting the best talent for your company is more challenging than ever. The global pandemic and the increasing demands of hiring managers haven’t made it any easier. If you’re actively searching for the best candidate for your job opening, here are a few recruitment strategies you should keep in mind:

Work on Your Employer Brand

Your logo, value proposition, packaging, products and customer service make up your company’s brand. On the other hand, your employer brand is your reputation among previous and current employees, as well as potential applicants. It’s how the hiring pool perceives you as an employer.

Perception is subjective, so as an employer, it’s your responsibility to shape your employer brand. A positive employer brand is highly effective in attracting the best talent. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 75% of candidates will research an employer’s reputation before sending their application. One of the ways you can do that is to start a company blog.

You can have company leaders and employees write content for your website. Share something – a blog, updates, news or anything that highlights your company’s value and culture. Another way is to improve diversity. Train your employees on the benefits of diversity. You can also offer flexible working schedules and other incentives for your employees.

When done right, a great employer brand leads to a more powerful company brand. Marketing CEO Jessica Thiefels explains the power of aligning the internal and external brand: “When you prioritize both ends of this spectrum, the result is a team who advocates for your business on the frontlines, leading to more audience recognition overall.”

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting uses social media, job platforms and online forums to hire employees. According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, 73% of millennials (18-34 years old) found their last job through social media.

Here are some of the things you can do to socially recruit top talent:

  • Use Facebook and Facebook groups to post job openings.
  • Tweet links to job posts and use appropriate hashtags.
  • Look for ideal candidates on LinkedIn and message them.
  • Share pictures and videos of your employees and company events on different social media platforms. (This tip also helps improve your employer brand!)

You can also ask your employees to participate by encouraging them to share their work experience on social media. But make sure it’s in line with your company’s culture and social media policies. Lastly, engage with your audience and reply to comments or questions promptly. The goal is to build lasting relationships with potential customers and applicants.

Remote Recruiting

Remote recruiting has taken off in the past year thanks to COVID-19, but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Employers and applicants realized the conveniences of online interviews rather than scheduling in-person interviews in your office space. 

Remote recruiting also saves time and resources, and it also allows you to widen your reach and recruit applicants across the globe. Even when the pandemic dies down and workers return on-site, remote recruiting will continue to be a part of the hiring and onboarding process.

Recruit the Best Candidates With the Right Strategies

Different companies hire for different roles and employment types, such as salaried and hourly staff, independent contractors, part-time employees, freelancers, etc. But regardless of this, the hiring process can take a toll on your team and affect the quality of hires if you have limited know-how and resources. By getting familiar with the tips mentioned above, you’ll have a better chance of hiring the best talent in your industry.


Rumzz is a digital strategist and content marketer. She enjoys spending time with family; going out and experiencing new moments; investigating new subjects that help to extend her points of view; and immersing herself in a good book.

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