Three Steps to Amplify Your Voice and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Sep 15, 2021 | First Person

By Julie Zhu of Julie Zhu LLC

Growing a successful business takes a lot of time and hard work, especially in today’s market. If you’ve noticed that your business is having difficulty reaching and enticing consumers, you might need to reexamine your plan and vision. Keep on reading to learn the top three steps to amplify your brand voice and start attracting your dream client base!

1. Get Clarity

The first step in this process is to establish your brand identity, explaining exactly who you are and what your business stands for. How can your clients understand your mission if you don’t even know what it is? This is crucial for any entrepreneur—you need to have a clear direction to become successful.

Take the time to thoroughly plan out your business model, focusing on what you will be offering and how you will be providing it. It would help if you also spent some time considering what you won’t do to know where you draw the line so you won’t confuse your customers later on.

Your business plan must also include a detailed explanation of who your ideal client is. It’s impossible to reach your audience and grow a loyal base if you don’t correctly present yourself to them. To attract the right clients, you need to know what they really want and how you can best supply it. These questions help build your brand’s framework—the more comprehensive your answers are, the stronger your foundation will be.

2. Tailor Your Content

Once you’ve decided on your target audience, your next step is to produce content tailored to them and send out the right message. You’ve researched to understand their unique needs; now, you put out the services, products and information that give them your solutions.

Your content should understand their customer journey and make sense for each stage along the way. They might not be at a point in life where they are ready to invest in your service, but you should still be able to provide them with answers. You can offer free content or training so that they can interact with you and get a feel for your business without having to commit yet fully.

3. Get on Social Media

Is your social media missing the point? No platforms are created equal—some are better for your business than others! Join sites like Facebook and Instagram to help boost your visibility and allow you to network more efficiently. They’re great for developing a customer base and interacting with them to solidify your brand’s identity and reputation.

Figure out which media sites your specific clientele uses and become a participating member so you can attract them more readily. Facebook groups are perfect for finding potential clients in your niche and allowing you to create a more personal connection.

You need to get clear on what your business offers and whom it’s marketing towards. Once you have that clear objective, you can then find those clients online and make content that specifically targets them. Take the opportunity to educate them through your content, always speaking to a specific audience. Use these steps to help amplify your brand’s voice and start attracting your ideal clients!

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Julie Zhu is a New York-based marketing consultant. She helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners simplify their marketing, raise their visibility and attract clients in 90 days or less with her three-step system without having to hire an expensive agency or spending hours creating content. Check out her FREE guide to create your marketing roadmap in 30 minutes here!


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