Staying Productive While Working at Home

Aug 7, 2020 | First Person


By Lorena Camargo, CEO of PearlTrans and NAWBO Circle member

Chances are, you’re working from home—many of you alongside spouses, kids and pets. But that doesn’t mean the work has changed. You still have things to do and deadlines to meet, whether you’re at your kitchen table or at your desk. 

For those who have no experience working from home, there’s a considerable adjustment, including the basics of setting up a home office. Here are a few tips to get back to productivity as you work from home:

  • Create a Dedicated Space – You need a dedicated workplace—a place where business gets done and you can shut the door if needed.
  • Dress Like You Have Someone to See – Dress comfortably, but in something you’ll feel good about on a video chat with your team or a customer.
  • Keep a Schedule – Have your start time, break time, lunch and meetings scheduled and keep to your schedule as much as possible.
  • Track Your Results Every Day: What did you get done? What’s left on your list for tomorrow? Track everything to feel good about your progress.
  • Have Coffee or Lunch Virtually: Schedule a video chat with your team or a customer. It will give you a sense of fellowship and make you feel more inspired and connected.
  • Support Other Women Owned Businesses: Don’t have time to make lunch? Order from a local woman-owned café. Need a new laptop or printer to make your home office work for you? Consider a woman-owned courier service to pick up and deliver items that can’t be emailed.
  • Remember to Say Thanks: Say thanks to your at-home employees and customers to make them feel valued. Send a small token of appreciation to their homes. Write a simple note of thanks. Treat them to a delivered lunch.

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About the Author…

Lorena Camargo is a NAWBO Circle member and CEO of Pearl Transportation & Logistics, a woman- and minority-owned courier service that provides deliveries, pickups and warehousing in Southern California, the U.S. or around the globe. The company is TSA certified to deliver cargo to the airlines and has earned the Women Business Enterprise designation. During this challenging time, Pearl Transportation & Logistics has helped business owners with everything from delivering office equipment and supplies to set up their home offices, to pre-press proofs for printers and advertising agencies, to meals to essential workers still in the office, to checks from customers—the lifeblood of businesses. For more information, visit Also, check out her blog here.

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