How Caring About Employees Drives Business Growth

Sep 20, 2023 | First Person

By Kseniia Chursina, founder of Studio 2112 and Studio Catering and member of NAWBO Orange County

In the dynamic landscape of business, success isn’t solely dependent on financial strategies or cutting-edge technologies. Instead, it’s often the human factor that becomes the driving force behind a company’s growth and sustainability. As a woman entrepreneur who founded both STUDIO 2112 and STUDIO CATERING, I’ve discovered that building strong relationships with employees can be a powerful catalyst for business success.

In today’s competitive market, the traditional employer-employee relationship has evolved into something more profound—a partnership built on trust, respect and mutual support. Here’s how caring about employees can lead to remarkable business growth:

Enhanced Productivity and Creativity: When employees feel valued and supported, they’re more likely to be motivated and engaged. This leads to increased productivity and creativity. We foster an environment where team members are encouraged to share ideas and take ownership of their projects. This approach has not only led to innovative solutions, but has also boosted overall productivity.

Increased Employee Loyalty: When employees feel genuinely cared for, their loyalty to the company deepens. They are more likely to stay with the organization, contribute their best efforts and even act as brand advocates. This loyalty creates a positive cycle—a motivated and dedicated team leads to higher customer satisfaction and, consequently, business growth.

Innovation and Adaptability: Caring for employees also means being attuned to their needs and concerns. This sensitivity to their experiences allows us to adapt to changing market demands more effectively. Employees who feel heard and valued are more likely to contribute ideas that lead to innovation, ensuring the business stays ahead of the curve.

Customer Satisfaction: Happy employees tend to provide better customer service. They understand the company’s values, are motivated to uphold its reputation and genuinely care about customer satisfaction. This, in turn, enhances the overall brand image.

Strong Employer Brand: A reputation for caring about employees can attract top talent to the organization. People want to work for companies that prioritize their growth, development and happiness. This influx of skilled professionals can contribute significantly to the company’s growth trajectory.

The relationship between a business and its employees is far from one-sided. As a woman entrepreneur, I firmly believe that caring for employees isn’t just a compassionate act—it’s a strategic move for business growth. Our commitment to fostering a supportive, inclusive and caring environment has paved the way for remarkable success in our businesses. By investing in our employees, we’ve discovered that they become the cornerstone of our growth story.

As you navigate your own business journey, consider the profound impact that prioritizing employee well-being can have on your growth trajectory. By nurturing strong relationships and investing in your team’s success, you can shape a thriving business that is fueled by the power of care.


About the Author…

Kseniia Chursina is founder of STUDIO 2112, a marketing communications agency, as well as STUDIO CATERING, a full-service premium catering company. Her business journey began in 2015 in Moscow, Russia, and two years ago, they relocated operations to Orange County, California. As a dedicated and persistent female entrepreneur, she has enthusiastically paved the path to success and wholeheartedly supports other women in their entrepreneurial pursuits. This conviction led her to become a member of NAWBO. She believes in the power of collaboration and strives to contribute to NAWBO, fostering an environment for thriving women leaders.


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