Fall in Love With Your Morning Routine

Feb 15, 2023 | First Person

By Michele Schina, One Page Business Plan Consultant

Successful people have a lot in common. One commonality I’ve discovered among successful company owners is the establishment of and adherence to routines. You hear from time to time about a CEO who seems to have it all together. They are productive and efficient. They seem to jump out of bed at some crazy hour of the morning and they are firing on all cylinders shortly after awakening. OK, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but not wildly so.

Many successful people rely on routines—activities that are so programmed that they are almost automatic, and don’t need much thought to make happen. Enter the morning routine. Starting the day off right can lead to benefits that will last all day. A solid and meaningful morning routine sets up the day for success—you are meeting the day on your terms, versus awaking and immediately going into firefighting mode.

So what type of morning routine is the best? It depends on where you are, what your goals are, what other demands are competing for your time, and so on. Generally speaking, a morning routine should be a time for you to get ready to face your day. It is a time for you to focus on those activities that move you closer to your goals—either professionally or personally.

Google “morning routines” and you’ll find dozens of ideas. Most have several themes in common:

First – move your body. For some, this might mean an early morning run or other intense exercise. For others, it could mean a series of stretches while still in bed. What is your fitness level, amount of time you have available and your goals for morning movement?

Second – set your mindset. Clear the cobwebs and focus on possibilities. This could mean meditating, reading inspirational texts, prayer, journaling or some other quiet time of focus. Based on your personal goals and your own belief systems, you can carve out a period of quiet reflection to set the tone for your day. Reflecting back on business accomplishments and seeing what progress you’ve made toward your goals is a positive activity.

Third – set your intention for the day. What is your focus for today? What intention do you want to carry forward? Identify your top two or three action items for the day. Check your business operational plan. What is critical to accomplish? Embrace that list and walk into your day with a positive attitude.

Everyone will have their own unique morning routine. Some people need to get it all accomplished in 20 minutes, others have the luxury of a couple of hours. I suggest you play around with what works for you. Some morning routines will require you to go to bed earlier the night before—see what works and don’t worry if you don’t find perfection right away! Keep tinkering with it until you feel like you have something that helps you get to work refreshed, focused and ready to face the day!

Using the leverage from your morning routine, we encourage you to get into some routines in your business. Using an operational planning and tracking tool like the One Page Business Plan (OPBP) adds to a successful routine of thinking about “what’s next” in your business, while documenting what progress you’ve made. The OPBP consultants serving NAWBO are ready to help!


About the Author…

In 2001, Michele Schina transitioned from senior manager of audit at a global accounting firm to founder of the only 100% woman-owned CPA firm in Philadelphia. More recently, she expanded her entrepreneurial footprint—with her partner Tom, they started BBDS, a business development firm. She also recently partnered with two amazing women business owners and started a strategic consulting firm, Beyond Strategy Partners. Michele dedicates her professional life to strategic and financial literacy and education. She is a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania, running her own firm, TMS II, LLC, as well as a One Page Business Plan (OPBP) consultant. Learn more about OPBP here.


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