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Sep 21, 2022 | First Person

By Pamela Abbott-Mouchou and Lauren Bragg of the Feng Shui Collective (Lauren is also president of NAWBO Santa Barbara)

What is feng shui? Originating in China, and thousands of years old, feng shui began when families engaged a feng shui shaman to locate auspicious burial sites for ancestors, with the intent of creating future good fortune. Later, feng shui masters were used to find the perfect locations for farms because abundant crops meant good health and fortune. Now, in the 21st Century, feng shui has evolved as a practical, useful tool that creates energetically pleasing spaces while at the same time, enables you to become the architect of positive change in your life.

Considered to be one of the eight branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), feng shui helps us to understand that our physical spaces not only reflect us, they affect us. Translated, feng shui means wind and water. Wind, or what is unseen, symbolizes your inner thoughts or intentions. Water, which is visible, represents your outer environment, or all matter. It’s important to note that everything within (your thoughts) and without (your stuff) is alive with vital energy. When you move things around with intention, positive change occurs.

One of feng shui’s primary tools is called the Bagua Map. It looks like a tic tac toe grid and each square within that grid is called a gua. A gua identifies where certain energies, such as health, family, travel, wealth, etc., resonate within your home or office. To orient the Bagua Map (access it here), stand at your front door, facing in, and hold the map flat. Your entryway will always be in one of the bottom three guas, or your Personal Growth, Career and Passion, or Right Place and Time areas. And so, you can see that your Wealth Area is always located at the far back left corner of your home/office.

Now, let’s focus on money. First, as a woman and business owner, you must get very clear about your money goals. Write them down, because a goal in your head is just an idea, right? Attach a by-when date, even if you have to pull one out of thin air. It’s uncanny how an arbitrary date often becomes a reality. This will be your intention, or the “feng.”

Now that your intention is clear, here are a few projects that you can do right now in your Abundance/Wealth area to attract more money into your life:

  1. Refresh Your Entryway
  • This is where you invite healthy energy into your space. Also known as the Mouth of Chi, ideally your entryway is pristine. Take note of spiderwebs, dirty windows, overgrown hedges or anything that is dead or broken. A great weekend project is to remove everything from your front stoop or just inside your front door. Clean, polish and place your favorite items back into these spaces, remembering your money goals. What you experience as you approach and enter into your home/office should lift your energy.
  1. Remove Dirt, Dust and Trash
  • Clear everything out of this area, as much as you can, and clean. This allows you to start with a fresh slate. Finish by incorporating only the items that are useful or that represent wealth to you. 
  1. Declutter With Vigor
  • If you don’t love it or use it, it’s time to lose it. Remember that in the world of decluttering (we love Marie Kondo), just because you’re getting rid of something doesn’t mean it won’t have a new, fresh life with someone else. If you’re worried you’ll regret donating an item, remind yourself that the universe will provide you with something that’s better, more affordable and more efficient.
  1. Thank You Note To The Universe
  • A hand-written thank you note acknowledges that you have already achieved your goal. Ex: I’m so grateful that I have received (write your goal here). 
  1. Think Plants
  • In the world of feng shui, living things represent growth. Add plants that have leaves that are coin-shaped, representing money, to amplify your wealth. Think pilea, money trees or any healthy plant to expand your monetary growth. 
  1. Add Decor that Represents Wealth
  • The Bagua Map says that the best colors in this area of your home are purples and golds. Add artwork or other items that represent wealth to you.
  1. Illuminate
  • Lamps and candles are a great way to elevate the energy in any space.

Remember to keep your money goals front of mind as you work. When you practice the science of feng shui, you will begin to notice how things just seem to go your way. Outcomes can be subtle or dynamic, but always pleasantly surprising. We call it magic.


About the Authors…

Pamela and Lauren are a mother/daughter team who are Goal Setting and Feng Shui experts. Pamela (Mom) has been practicing Feng Shui for nearly three decades. Lauren has been a successful Goal Coach for the last 10 years. In 2019, mom and daughter officially partnered, combining Lauren’s unique model of goal-setting and Pamela’s feng shui expertise. They’d love to hear from you. Email Pamela and Lauren at [email protected] to celebrate your money wins together. Also, follow them on Instagram at @fengshuicollective.


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