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Partner Type: Corporate
Partner Level: Bronze

Master Your Card is a free public education initiative created by MasterCard that helps consumers, small business groups and governments get more from their money by using prepaid, debit and credit cards to their advantage. From assisting consumer and social advocacy groups to increase financial inclusion and financial literacy; to helping small business associations teach members how to negotiate the best terms for processing electronic payments, to providing information and technical assistance to governments transitioning to cost-effective electronic payments and disbursements, Master Your Card provides educational tools, case studies, practical advice and technical assistance. Research on Women Entrepreneurs

“As Mastercard’s education and empowerment program deeply rooted in supporting underserved communities, Master Your Card continues being NAWBO’S longtime partner and a resource of information to navigate the road ahead.

Small businesses serve as the foundation for our economy and, now more than ever, need support and resources to sustain their operations and build for the future. While the world changes every day, Mastercard remains committed and continues to pivot to deliver the digital tools, programs and mentorship needed to navigate this new normal today and tomorrow.”

-Mercedes Garcia, Vice President of Community Relations, Policy Affairs at Mastercard

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