Won Lee, NAWBO National IT Director

Director of IT
National Team

From: 2020



“I am an experienced technician, network administrator, webmaster, graphic designer, instructor, affiliate coordinator, customer service rep, tech support provider, business development lead, project/office/IT/marketing manager and operation supervisor. I have worked with adventurous startups to growing small and medium-sized entities in industries that include importing, manufacturing, technology, services and hospitality. These experiences throughout my career have combined to create the seeds of understanding various business backgrounds and leadership needs. 

My mission at NAWBO is to serve and assist the National staff and Board, chapter leaders and members. I always work to provide customer-centric service as well as to be an efficient multidisciplinary point of contact for all available technology resources. I am very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with the talented NAWBO family. I believe all my years of different skills, accomplishments and responsibilities will finally come together to achieve much success at NAWBO.


I love and enjoy building Lego bricks with my daughter. I think it’s more than just building things from plastic pieces. I see all these different brick parts of various colors, shapes and uses like our own lives, where we connect and combine objects to achieve a goal. The completed blocks are functional and visually show personality after all the different issues you go through in getting there. Additionally, I love to travel, not only to Legoland, but also on road trips out in nature where I take photos. Ultimately, I aspire for self-improvement and to be a life-long learner—just like building a new and improved brick set again and again. I am also the father of a 10-year-old talkative daughter, husband of a woman who is really passionate about food and cooking and together, we have an old furry friend. Yes, I am still building the largest brick set of all—my family, which never ends and just keeps evolving to be better.


I always support recycling opportunities and enjoy using my past recycling industry experiences to help friends and businesses with inventory cleanup, equipment replacement, moving and closing. Since I have a passion for system engineering and technology, I enjoy leveraging opportunities to guide others in donating, disposing of and recycling e-waste properly for our environment.

Outside of my work with NAWBO, I like spending time with my precious friends and colleagues, who I have enjoyed a long relationship with and who are like family. They always look to me as one of the first people to share a new idea or validate and develop a business model with technology. In my life, they’ve provided me with a place to grow, expand, discuss, bond, challenge, learn and care for each other. I think I live in the community of communities. I have been blessed by my experiences in these communities of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, social media contacts and so many others. Each community, in its own way, continues to enrich my life.

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