Wendy Goldstein

Studio Creative LLC

Company Address: 757 Garden Road Ste. 205 Columbus, OH 43214-2294

Foundation Board

From: 2023

Wendy retired as a senior lecturer at The Ohio State University in 2023, after teaching there for 12 years. She also coauthored the online textbook in 2022, The Power of Branding on Fashion: 2000 and Beyond. Additionally, Wendy founded, owned and operated Costume Specialists Inc. from 1981-2019, when she sold it. Costume Specialists Inc. is a multifaceted Columbus-based company that designs and manufactures corporate logo characters and manages them for companies around the world. Costumes created by Costume Specialists include: Transformers, Michelin Man, Kool-Aid Man, Brutus Buckeye, and Nickelodeon’s Dora and Diego. Wendy currently owns Studio Creative, a Columbus-based co-working space with an industrial sewing machine workroom membership option.

Wendy has served on The Columbus Fashion Council Board, The Costume Society MidWest Board, The National Costumers Association Board and the National Advisory Board for Key4 Women. In addition, Wendy is a past president of NAWBO Columbus.

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