Joyce Lee, NAWBO National Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Operations
National Team

From: 2014



“I first became part of NAWBO in 2008, handling member services for the NAWBO-LA chapter. I had previously been a general manager of a restaurant chain with three locations where I did a lot of customer service, so I looked at my role at NAWBO-LA as an opportunity to provide customer service to the members. Every member has a different reason for joining NAWBO, whether it is to grow her business, make connections or find a mentor. I worked to learn and meet each member’s unique needs. I went on to join NAWBO National in 2009, first handling chapter services and later all office management. I assist Jen Earle and the rest of the National staff with scheduling, reports, document and asset management and accounting. As a former business owner myself, I love being able to further the NAWBO mission to help women business owners grow.”


“I have a unique morning routine that helps me to stay focused and work better and faster. I always start my day at around 6 a.m. I keep a to-do list on my calendar and try to get through as much as I can when everything is quiet and I am not being interrupted by e-mails and phone calls. At times when I have even more work to do, like during our National Women’s Business Conference, I’ll take time on Saturday morning to get ahead.”


“I have two causes that are important to me. I have been a supporter of World Vision that helps children in third-world countries for 20 years now. Each month, I send money to a child I sponsor that makes sure they get one good meal a day and allows them to receive an education. When they turn 16, they are considered adults and I am given a new child to sponsor. So far, I have sponsored 16 children. At Christmas and on my birthday, they send me cards and photos with help from World Vision. I keep the photos on my wall to look at. Additionally, I am passionate about helping the homeless. Through my church and with several other adults, I take the youth group to Downtown Los Angeles each month to distribute food, clothing and other items to the homeless. Recently, we found out they were in need of haircuts, so I learned how to cut hair. One man we helped hadn’t cut his hair for 10 years. It was so matted that we had to convince him to let us shave it. We were so proud of it when we were done! Also, outside of NAWBO, I spend time with my two daughters and 2-year-old granddaughter. My older daughter and granddaughter are in Las Vegas, and my younger daughter is in her final year of law school in Washington, D.C., where she is studying labor law.”

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