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Apply to Join a NAWBO National Board of Directors Committee or the Presidents Assembly Steering Committee (PASC)

Please note these deadlines to apply:
• April 10th for PASC
• April 30th for National Committees



National Committee Opportunity

Did You Know? The NAWBO National Board of Directors has several Committees on which eligible NAWBO members are encouraged to serve. In the last couple years, we’ve restructured our national committees to be more inclusive of the membership and truly lead our grassroots efforts. The Committees listed below will accept Premier or Supporting members with demonstrated interest and relevant experience. We hope to add at least three new members to each committee. Committee members will be leading meetings and engagement with chapter leaders and the membership at large, so attendance at monthly committee meetings, and possible additional attendance requirements, are crucial for the success of NAWBO’s outreach efforts and execution of our strategic plan to meet our goals.

The 411 on the Committees:

Advocacy Committee provides support in the promotion of NAWBO’s bipartisan advocacy efforts, platforms and Litmus Test to generate engagement from membership and garner greater national attention. In addition, the committee works to bring the stories and experiences of our membership to the attention of political leaders in furtherance of NAWBO’s advocacy mission.  Committee members are asked to consistently attend monthly committee calls, national Advocacy calls and annual NAWBO Advocacy Days in D.C. In addition, committee members are assigned specific regions and chapters from which to gather stories, experiences, and legislation – presenting this information on one of our monthly national calls. Committee members are frequently tasked with timely reviewing of bills against NAWBO’s Litmus Test matrix to decide if NAWBO can support it. Once decided, draft letters of support to members of Congress are reviewed by the committee and board members. Non-board advocacy committee members are selected to ensure we are representing all political parties and geographic regions of the U.S.

Awards Committee is responsible for assessing Award categories and criteria for various annual awards, distributed at NAWBO’s annual Awards Gala, for which NAWBO members and supporters are eligible. This committee’s responsibilities include providing input to the strategic direction for NAWBO’s awards, evaluating and improving the Awards process, as well as reviewing, evaluating, and judging award applications. Committee members also actively participate in getting chapters excited and involved in recognizing their members through nominations for national awards.Note that committee members may not apply for or nominate anyone for an award and must recuse themselves from evaluating anyone from their chapter who is nominated for an award.

Events Committee is dedicated to working with our HQ team around designing, organizing, and executing inspiring and impactful events that foster learning, networking, and growth for women entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide a platform where our members and all women entrepreneurs can connect, share knowledge, and empower each other to succeed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The committee is composed of a diverse group of dedicated volunteers, including event planners, marketing specialists, and other WBOs who are passionate about women’s entrepreneurship and committed to creating meaningful and successful events for our members and the broader WBO community. Committee members are asked to consistently attend monthly calls and to collaborate with the HQ team to provide recommendations for NAWBO event content, identify potential speakers and presenters, work with the Fundraising Committee to create connections with potential sponsors and partners, assist in marketing and promotion of events, and recommend improvements based on feedback from events.

DEIB Committee works with our National Board, HQ team and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) coordinator on the research, coordination, and execution of workshops, webinars, town hall format conversations, best practices, our Inclusion Code of Conduct, and chapter communications surrounding our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging vision and implementation. Committee members are asked to consistently attend monthly committee calls, provide input on development of annual surveys, participate in defining the strategy and actionable steps to reach NAWBO’s goal to be the most inclusive and diverse organization for entrepreneurial women in the United States.

Fundraising Committee is comprised of members from both our National Board (c6) and our Institute Board (c3) along with the broader NAWBO National membership. The committee works to secure financial and in-kind support for the organization, ensuring that we continue to empower and uplift women business owners nationwide. The Committee consists of a diverse and dynamic team of volunteers, including professionals with experience in fundraising, corporate relations, finance, marketing, and law. Members are committed to fostering the growth and sustainability of NAWBO through strategic fundraising efforts. By focusing on private donations, corporate support, legacy planning, paid sponsorships, and in-kind sponsorships, the committee aims to diversify and strengthen the financial base of NAWBO, enabling us to expand our programs, reach, and impact. Committee members are asked to consistently attend monthly calls and to collaborate with the HQ team to develop and implement strategies to solicit and secure donations at all levels (individual – corporate), encourage long-term giving, build strong, enduring relationships with donors, and collaborate with the Events Committee for paid and in-kind sponsorships of events.

International Advisory Council works directly with the CEO and HQ team to provide ongoing input and expertise to the Board of Directors on issues and activities that help support the organization’s global initiatives and partnership strategies. Committee members are expected to consistently attend monthly committee calls, participate in at least one sub-committee, review relevant materials and actively participate. Ideal members of this committee are interested in international engagement with WBOs across the world and are encouraged to travel with NAWBO to international conferences such as the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM) conference (in Australia in 2024). Other international WBO organizations and alliance partners include Women Entrepreneurs of Canada (WEC), Asociación Mexicana de Mujeres Empresarias A.C. (AMEXME), WCEI of Australia, Network of Entrepreneurial Women WorldWide (NEWWW), and others. This committee is directly involved in the planning, execution, and promotion of NAWBO’s annual Virtual International Summit which typically occurs each year during Women’s History Month. The committee is a joint effort between the NAWBO National Board (c6) and the NAWBO Institute Board (c3) and meets monthly.

Membership Committee provides recommendations for the strategic direction and sustainability of membership throughout the organization, working with the HQ team. In addition, the membership committee provides advice and counsel on matters of membership recruitment, retention, diversity, pricing, promotion, and member experience to improve institutional growth consistent with NAWBO’s mission. Committee members are asked to consistently attend monthly committee calls, review relevant materials and recommendations, and engage chapters to ensure success of membership drives and membership engagement.

NextGen Subcommittee is a sub-committee of the Membership Committee, working to advance NAWBO’s NextGen future strategic direction. This work of this committee is designed to attract, engage and support women of any age actively pursuing starting their first business within 1-3 years. This includes what’s traditionally thought of as NextGen—women in high-school, college or graduate school who are on an entrepreneurship education track—as well as women of any age within the first 1-3 years of their business start-up. The Subcommittee assists with the planning for the NextGen experience at NAWBO’s in-person events and other programming throughout the year.  Members are accountable for consistently attending monthly subcommittee calls and building relationships with colleges, universities and other organizations to build our NextGen membership.

Technology Committee works alongside the NAWBO HQ team and is dedicated to steering the strategic direction, implementation, and sustainability of technology resources across the organization. This committee plays a pivotal role in enhancing the technological framework that supports membership services, event management, chapter services, and overall institutional effectiveness consistent with NAWBO’s mission. The Technology Committee is composed of NAWBO members with expertise and interest in technology, including IT professionals, tech entrepreneurs, digital strategists, and individuals with experience in implementing technology solutions in organizations. Members are asked to actively participate in the testing, review, and commenting on new technology platforms, as well as in the evaluation of potential technology-related partners and vendors.  The Committee holds monthly virtual meetings which are essential for discussing progress, addressing challenges, and planning future initiatives. Committee members are expected to regularly attend these meetings.

How to Apply. Jump on over to this SurveyMonkey Application and complete it in detail no later than April 30th. Only self-nominations are accepted. You’ll be asked for information about, for example, the one committee in which you’re interested; the reason[s] for your interest including what is your “why;” your involvement in your local chapter, including any leadership roles; and at least one NAWBO reference.

What’s the Timeline? Board Committee Chairs typically are in place by May 1 of each year.  Each Committee Chair will review applicants and make her selection.  The Committee Chair’s decision is final and not appealable.

Any Other Catches, Requirements, or Details? Premier and Supporting Members who are invited to join a Board Committee for the fiscal year (July 1-June 31) are required to review, understand, and execute a conflict-of-interest statement and a confidentiality agreement. They are required to remain Premier or Supporting NAWBO members in good standing for the duration of their one-year tenure. They also are required to be active and engaged members of the Committee into which they are chosen, lead one or more meetings with chapter leaders/members and should expect to devote at least five and up to 10 hours per month in the Committee service. Their attendance and engagement are critical! Only seriously interested Premier and Supporting Chapter Members should apply.

In addition, all national board and non-board committee members are expected to support NAWBO’s Diversity Statement:

In principle and in practice, NAWBO values and seeks a diverse and inclusive membership. NAWBO seeks full participation in the organization by all business owners who support our mission to empower women entrepreneurs, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. NAWBO’s goal is to effectively represent the full diversity of the women business owner community and to equitably expand access to leadership opportunities for the full spectrum of our membership.


PASC Opportunity

President’s Assembly Steering Committee creates a forum of chapter leaders for the purpose of ensuring strategic alignment between the chapters and NAWBO National; serving as the voice of chapter members at the national level; facilitating direct communications between chapter and national leadership; creating a sustained community of leaders; assuring the quality and consistency of service to members; and upholding the common standards, core values, and policies of NAWBO. Past chapter president experience is preferred for this role.

Complete the application here by the April 10th deadline.

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