University Programs

The NAWBO Institute’s mission is to provide opportunities for capacity building and organizational development for emerging and established women entrepreneurs. Through the Institute, NAWBO aims to strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of women business owners and promote economic development within the entrepreneurial community so that we can build a legacy of success for the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

NAWBO $1 Million +

The NAWBO $1 Million + Program is a yearlong program for NAWBO Premier Members whose businesses earn $1 million or more in annual revenues. The program provides an avenue to develop connections, access to education, and build a national support group of peers to keep their businesses thriving.

Launch Right Start-Up Program

Through the Wells Fargo Open for Business Grant, NAWBO is launching a start-up program for women who are exiting the workforce in rural regions and marginalized socioeconomic communities. We hope to reach and positively impact under-represented women who are exploring entrepreneurship to provide them with the tools they need for a good start. Starting in January, the program will be delivered through a dynamic workshop series – available virtually to reach all parts of the country on-demand – for two six-month cohorts.

NAWBO Governance Program

The Governance Training Program is a partnership with Mary Hiland Ph.D. which offers all NAWBO members online leadership training. While the training is recommended for those aspiring to serve as chapter board members, the program is open to all NAWBO members. The NAWBO Governance Program can be found inside the NAWBO Virtual section of the Institute Platform.

NAWBO Connect and Learn

Growing your business requires new skills and access to great minds every day. Connect and Learn is a virtual learning platform that includes monthly webinars and interactive presentations from business professionals that can help you move your business to the next level. The NAWBO Connect and Learn program can be found inside the NAWBO Virtual section of the Institute Platform.

Donate Online

To make a tax deductible gift using your personal credit card, click on the Institute logo to the left or login at then select the “Contribute to NAWBO” link from the My NAWBO Dashboard. ​100% of your gift will go to the Institute.

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