Workplace 2.0: Always plugged in

Jul 14, 2016 | Partner News

Chairs stay still while desks move up and down.  Employee break rooms with climbing walls are now places where someone might actually break something – like an arm.  And those smart phones make us feel anything but.   

Our technology may be mobile but our bodies aren’t.  

Our workplace is more mobile than ever. Today, we’re taking our devices and plugging in anywhere and everywhere — from the coffee shop down the street to the coach-class airline seat at 30,000 feet. We are constantly multi-tasking on our devices, spending hours looking down at a smartphone or tablet while developing the fastest thumbs in the west at the same time. Unfortunately, despite all this thoroughly modern mobility, we have become more sedentary. So we’re still contending with the same old stiff necks, backaches, sore wrists, and tense shoulders.

Sit up straight as you read this.

We need to take a break from our mobile mastery and give the body some balance because we’ve all been in a slump, ergonomically speaking.  That’s why Travelers spends a lot of time thinking about ways to help business owners address the stresses and strains of today’s workplace. You may relate to one (or all) of the Top 6 Workers’ Comp Risks for the Modern Workplace. And you probably won’t be surprised to see that technology can be a real pain in the neck in the workplace. Literally.

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Please join us in taking a remarkably different look at the familiar topic of ergonomics.  We’ve got some expert advice on taming that toxic turtle neck in the evolving workplace (yeah…it really is a thing). And you might find a tip or two that would make a great Facebook post. The whole point of The Next Desk is to share it – with colleagues, clients, even friends and family. Just make sure to sit up straight and use both thumbs.

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