Women Have Come a Long Way, But There’s Still Work to Be Done Financially, Says New Report

Jul 18, 2018 | Uncategorized


Women have come a long way personally, professionally and financially, but when it comes to finances, there’s still considerable work to be done, says a new report entitled Women & Financial Wellness, prepared by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in partnership with Age Wave.

This report celebrates the progress made, examines the specific financial challenges women face at each stage of their life and offers potential actions for funding the present and future. The study explores:

  • Why the wealth gap is the biggest challenge we’re not talking about enough
  • Women’s number one financial regret
  • Why women need to be planning for a 100-plus year life
  • How the pay gap accumulates over the course of a woman’s lifetime
  • How women’s diverse life journeys come with meaningful rewards and challenges

 Download the complete report and findings here.


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