Women and the Changing Landscape

Mar 4, 2011 | Uncategorized

With continued unrest and change in government leadership around the world—as most recently seen in Egypt—new opportunities and the potential to alter history as we know it abound. Although times are uncertain, citizens around the world wait with bated breath to see positive change take hold. Change is the key to opening the door to future opportunities and building a legacy for the next generation.

The same is true with the current state of business. With change now synonymous with business growth, women entrepreneurs must take bold steps to seize new opportunities and power their future. The time is now for each woman business owner to make a positive difference in the economic, political and social spheres of power, and continue to carve out our place in history.

Join NAWBO® in celebrating the power and influence of women’s entrepreneurship. In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in perpetuity. During March of every year, a special Presidential Proclamation is issued to honor the extraordinary achievements of American women. Also, March 8th marks International Women’s Day in which countries and organizations around the world mark the achievements of women through special events and initiatives. At NAWBO®, we are holding our Annual Membership Drive during March and April. NAWBO® provides a powerful platform for women business owners to assess business goals to grow to the next level and connect with like-minded women and experts to address key issues and strengthen relationships. It’s exactly what is needed to succeed—and ultimately to fuel the overall economy and create new jobs.

What are you planning during the upcoming month of March to help celebrate the power and influence of women?  I invite you to share your thoughts.

—Helen Han, NAWBO® President and CEO

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