We’re Moving and Shaking

Feb 6, 2018 | Uncategorized


There’s something about the start of a new year that makes you feel like a mover and shaker. You’ve looked back on the previous year, celebrated your successes, set goals to raise the bar even higher for yourself and your business and you’re ready to take on the world!

That’s why the theme of this issue of NAWBO ONE is “Movers and Shakers.” It’s about women business owners who are shaking things up in their businesses, in NAWBO and in the world. In it, we feature Teresa Meares, our NAWBO National Board Immediate Past Chair and Chair of the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development (pictured here, second from right). She was just appointed vice president of one of our partner organizations: Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM), the pioneer association uniting women business owners from over 120 different countries, including 5 million members from five continents. We also spoke with Jennifer Brand Ransom, Chair of the NAWBO National Presidents Assembly, about everything from the impact she’s making as the “voice of NAWBO’s chapters” to the National Board to a new entrepreneurial pursuit for the New Year (hint: it entails farming).

Moving and shaking is also about how we travel and move product as women business owners. That’s why we chose a member with an exciting limousine company to highlight in our member spotlight section as well as incorporated shipping insights from our partners at UPS and innovative travel tips to help curb your airline miles and give you a new view of the world. Plus, our partners at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) contributed a great piece about a NAWBO member. Did you know that as a NAWBO member, you get a special discount on your purchase of any FCA vehicle through our affinity partnership and NAWBO benefits from your purchase, too? It’s truly a win-win!

So are you ready to be a mover and shaker in your own unique way? A recent Huffington Post article shared these “secret tips” from highly successful people:

  • Courage and creativity are a daring combination.
  • Fate favors the bold—calculate risks and take them.
  • Listen. For real.
  • Create super fans, not customers.
  • Take care of your whole self.
  • Make the choice today that you want your future self to make.
  • Take all meetings…you never know when a connection will come back to help you.
  • Do the things that scare you because those are the moments when you truly feel alive.
  • Travel.
  • Never, ever take no for an answer.
  • Remember, people are the first and last things that matter at the end of the day.
  • Teamwork is the ability to let go of “me” and focus on “we.”
  • Don’t think of success as a marathon—think of it as a series of sprints fueled by knowledge.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Create a braintrust of people you trust who you can contact for advice.
  • Remember, your time is valuable.
  • Be flexible.

Happy New Year…now go take on the world!

—Kathy Warnick, 2017-2018 NAWBO National Chair



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