WBC2018’s Impact All Year Long

Oct 17, 2018 | Uncategorized


As Americans, and as incredibly busy women business owners, we are more disconnected than ever. In between the thousands of emails, texts and calls we receive, social media posts we have to share and respond to, and the time we spend in planes, trains and automobiles traveling to and from work and meetings, the time we take to create and nourish deep connections with others and the time we set aside for solitude and reflection has grown increasingly less.

That’s why an event like the National Women’s Business Conference (WBC) hosted by NAWBO, which was held last month in Spokane, Washington, is such an incredible gift. The theme of “Work Well, Live Well” was all about work-life integration and the importance of not only fueling our business success so we can go to the next level, but also dedicating time to connect with family, friends and peers, and nourishing and challenging our bodies and minds. It was also about setting boundaries, relaxing and believing that everything will be okay (remember what our amazing keynote speaker Elizabeth Gilbert shared about that?).

I know one of my favorite parts of every WBC I attend is reconnecting with my NAWBO sisters from across the country who I don’t get to see and talk to regularly—in fact, sometimes, it’s just once a year. I am also amazed by how many new connections I make each year with smart, like-minded women, with businesses of all sizes and industries, who are eager to hear my story, successes and challenges and offer ideas and best practices that can help me reach my next level. These deep, real connections always fill my NAWBO cup and keep me excited and energized all year long.

In this issue of NAWBO ONE, we highlight WBC2018, from the keynotes, to the breakouts, to the H.R. 5050 anniversary panel and video, and everything in between. In “Sounding Off From Spokane,” you’ll hear NAWBO members who have been involved in this great organization anywhere from one year to 20 years talk about the connections they forged and other important takeaways that will benefit them in the months to come. You’ll read a first-person article from our partners at Bank of America—this year’s presenting sponsor who has already signed on for 2019—on H.R. 5050 and why the next 30 years promise even more, in honor of October being National Women’s Small Business Month.

If you joined me in Spokane, I want to encourage you to discover all that this issue has to offer and continue the conversation in your chapter and community. If you were unable to make it, I hope you will find inspiration and ideas that will help you “Work Well, Live Well” in the days and weeks ahead.

—Molly Gimmel, 2018-2019 National Chair

P.S. Registration for WBC2019, October 13-15 in Jacksonville, Florida, is already open (more than 100 already registered during this year’s conference to take advantage of a special discount and make sure they hear from exciting keynotes like talk show host and journalist Lisa Ling). Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to join us. Click here for details and to register!

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