These “Daring” Women Reveal Why They Won’t Miss WBC2017…And Why YOU Won’t Want to Either

Feb 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

The National Women’s Business Conference 2017—featuring the theme “Together We Dare”—is months away, but these women are already excited to make the investment in themselves and their businesses. They’re ready to become even more daring in achieving entrepreneurial success by breaking boundaries, pushing limits, changing the status quo and attempting the unexpected. They all attended the 2016 conference, and said this about the 2017 event on October 15th-17th in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Why should ALL women entrepreneurs make the investment in themselves and attend the 2017 National Women’s Business Conference?


Sabina Ramsey, Insight International USA in New York:

“It’s a truly inspirational, empowering and positive experience. You’re among a group of friends who want to lift you up to do great in business and in life. Through the long-term connections I’ve made in NAWBO and how empowered I’ve felt thanks to it all, I feel confident knowing I’m part of something bigger.”


Yvonne Graber, TravelEyez in Florida:

“2016 marked my ninth time attending the National Women’s Business Conference. If anything, you will walk away feeling inspired and refueled; reenergized and ready to continue building and growing a successful business and ready to form relationships with other women facing the same issues.”


Deanna Novak, My Heritage Book in Florida:

“It’s true that you need a tribe, no matter what endeavor you’re breaking into. Women will see what amazing resources NAWBO can offer in terms of support, experience and lifting each other up.”



Christina Livingston, Prettied in Texas:

“NAWBO has a lot of different reasons to enjoy the membership. I love the camaraderie it provides, and the willingness to help other women is one of the most important reasons to join. The conference really allows you to meet women from all over and make real connections that last.”


Tina Greenbaum, Mastery Under Pressure in Northern California:

“The conference really gives you the chance to explore the world outside of your home base. NAWBO is a global community of sisters, and the conference is the perfect place to expand your horizons and meet like-minded women who are there to encourage, support and understand you.”


The 2017 conference theme is “Together We Dare.” How important an attribute has “daring” been to your entrepreneurial success and why?


Julie Ayers, LBA Haynes Strand in North Carolina:

“Daring and adaptability are absolutely key. We’re a CPA firm, so daring to be different isn’t always commonplace. But we dared—we dared to be different when it came to acquisitions and getting creative with HR, and it was well worth it.”



“Really, it’s the core of business. You have to be daring—being bold and standing out is critical. You have to be daring to succeed and to make progress. When I was president of my NAWBO chapter last year, I dared to take a risk when I said that we would double our membership. At the end of it, our membership was up by 80 percent. I dared to do the unthinkable, and it paid off. NAWBO gives you the opportunity to lead and empower, and to believe in you even when no one else does, and I think that’s one of the core lessons I’ve learned from being a NAWBO member.”


Matina Zenios, Artina Promotional Products in Ohio:

“Daring is definitely a crucial attribute to entrepreneurial success. If you’re afraid to be daring or different, what will set you apart from anyone else?” 



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