The Power of Inclusion

Feb 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

Inclusion can be a powerful thing. Just ask Deanna Singh, the author, educator, business leader, champion for marginalized communities and founder and chief change agent of Flying Elephant, who spoke at last year’s virtual National Women’s Business Conference hosted by NAWBO.

Deanna shared in her “Power of Inclusion” breakout session how companies that value and “get” inclusion are thriving and how those who don’t are struggling. That’s because inclusion can really help to move a business forward with employees, customers and vendor partners who see themselves in your organization and feel engaged and encouraged to bring their unique selves to the table to be successful together.

There are several questions women business owners can ask themselves to make sure they are truly being inclusive. These are: 

  1. Who is at your table? Look at who is missing and why. Then look at the criteria you are using to bring people to the table. Make sure it’s right.
  2. What is happening at the table? Look to see that everyone’s voice is being heard at meetings. Give people who get talked over the opportunity to run a meeting. Set the tone that it’s okay to bring diverse ideas to the table.
  3. How can I intervene when I see exclusionary behavior? Disrupt it. Say, “Let’s take a break” or “Let’s pivot” to encourage inclusionary behavior instead.

“Think about how you can create inclusion power structures,” suggests Deanna. “It’s good for you as a business but also good for the entire world.”

Learn more about Deanna and Flying Elephant here

Also, registration is now open for the 2021 National Women’s Business Conference hosted by NAWBO with the theme of “Power Your Dream.” Learn more here.

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