Staying Relevant in a Dynamic World

May 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

By Elisa Camahort Page, Chief Community Officer at SheKnows Media

NAWBO recently celebrated its 40th anniversary—40 years of building community, supporting professional growth and continually providing inspiration and empowerment to women business owners nationwide. For a little context, women weren’t even guaranteed the right to have a credit card solely in their own name until 42 years ago, so NAWBO was definitely pioneering the concept of women business owners. But it’s tough to stay a pioneer. How does an organization like NAWBO grow and thrive for such a long time? It stays relevant—nimble, fresh, current, finger-on-the-pulse…pick your adjective, but they all mean staying on top of technology, trends and the evolving needs of your community, user base or audience.

As an entrepreneur, your success is dependent on this same principle, and as the organizer of the annual #BlogHer Conference, our success is dependent on helping you stay on top of the latest marketing, media and tech trends by introducing you to new thinking…and to new thinkers.

We invite you to join the BlogHer and SheKnows community at #BlogHer16, coming to Los Angeles, August 4-6, 2016. The conference is the biggest and best event for entrepreneurial women who are content creators, online influencers, media mavens and marketers—bringing together 3,000-plus attendees to connect, learn and share.

#BlogHer16 offers you a front row seat to learn about trends you need to watch, explore topics that are off the beaten path and network with people who are on the cutting edge.

What will you learn at #BlogHer16?

Have you explored Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat or any of the other new live video and visual tools that encourage community engagement, including the elusive Millennials?

Are you curious about how to diversify your revenue streams to include active and passive revenue, and even understand how to measure the ROI of non-monetary compensation?

Have you stayed on top of best web practices for search discoverability, or do you need a refresh?

Do you need some advice on how to balance your social cause work or political passions with your business persona?

All of this (and so much more!) is on tap for you at #BlogHer16.

Step outside your comfort zone—join us at #BlogHer16 to learn the things (and meet the contacts) you don’t yet even know are relevant to your business’s future.

To learn more about #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us taking place this August 4-6 in Los Angeles, visit:

To register with a special 25% discount for NAWBO members, visit and enter code NAWBOBH16.


Elisa Camahort Page is Chief Community Officer at SheKnows Media. She is one of the three co-founders and was COO of BlogHer, Inc., along with Lisa Stone and Jory Des Jardins. In her role as COO, Elisa oversees the BlogHer conference business, leads the company’s expanded consumer insights and research activities and helps drive corporate strategy to achieve social community traction, conversation and participation. 

Together, BlogHer’s co-founders were in the Ernst & Young Winning Women Class of 2011 and were named among Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, the most influential women in Web 2.0 and technology by Fast Company and the seven most powerful people in new media by Forbes Magazine.

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