Spreading Smiles Across the West Coast

Jun 17, 2024 | Partner News

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell: What they’re doing today, how they got here and where they’re going next. Meet Bank of America client and small business owner Dr. Ashley Joves, who’s using her entrepreneurial journey to spread positivity and smiles in her community.

A first-generation Filipino American raised by a single mother who worked at several dental offices, Dr. Joves learned through her mom’s interactions with patients the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships. Dr. Joves took inspiration from those memories with her mom, and today, uses the same positive attitude in her own business and dental practice, Smile + Co.

Founded in 2017, Dr. Joves chose to set herself apart by putting relational hospitality at the center of her practice. Her distinct approach has paid off—with the expansion to her second practice in California in 2023. She formed a strong relationship with Bank of America Regional Business Development Officer Forrest Wiederman, who worked closely with her to ensure she felt supported in every step of her process. Becoming her go-to contact, Forrest and his team helped make Dr. Joves’ goal of creating her dream practice a reality.

Now, her children also get to grow up watching their mother practice dentistry and achieve her wildest dreams.


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