Sparkling Success Due to Glittering Grit

Aug 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

By Katie Nelson, founder and CEO of Sales UpRising and member of NAWBO Greater DC

First, you need to know that I firmly believe that as business owners, founders and CEOs, we always want to be the “#1 Salesperson in our Business.” It is our business, after all, and even if we’ve had the opportunity to grow a sales team, no one can sell us like we can sell us and a savvy and sustainable sales structure leads to our business success, now let me tell you how grit is KEY!

Picture it: A bustling room filled with chatter, energy and opportunity. It’s a world where products come to life through persuasive conversations, deals are sealed with a firm handshake and success stories are etched in the smiles of satisfied customers. Welcome to the dynamic realm of sales! And in this glittering world, one skill shines above the rest for women aiming to conquer and thrive: grit.

The Sales Playground for WBOs

Sales is no longer (if it ever was) a pushy pitch or a snappy smile; it’s about (always has been really) forging connections, understanding customer needs and being adaptable in a rapidly changing landscape. This is where grit swoops in as the secret ingredient that transforms good saleswomen into unstoppable forces. Grit is not about perseverance alone; it’s about a combination of passion and perseverance that leads to the achievement of long-term goals. It’s the tenacity that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Why Grit Matters?
  1. Resilience Through Rejection: Sales is a numbers game, and rejection is part of the process. Grit enables women business owners to take ‘no’ in stride and turn it into a learning opportunity. Every rejection is a stepping-stone toward a successful sale. Remember, a ‘no’ today might be a ‘yes’ tomorrow!
  2. Navigating Challenges: The sales landscape is a rollercoaster with its fair share of highs and lows. Grit helps tackle challenges head-on, whether it’s meeting quotas, dealing with demanding clients or adapting to market shifts. It’s the ability to bounce back stronger after setbacks and maintain a positive outlook.
  3. Builds Lasting Relationships: For scalable success, sales aren’t transactional; they’re about building relationships. Grit-driven women business owners invest time and effort to understand clients, empathize with their needs and offer appropriate solutions. This commitment to the customer journey sets the stage for enduring partnerships.
  4. Mastering the Art of Adaptation: In the ever-evolving world of sales (and ownership!), flexibility is key. Grit gives women business owners the power to adapt to new technologies, trends and strategies swiftly. Embracing change with enthusiasm, they evolve alongside the industry, making them indispensable assets to any sales team.
  5. Leading by Example: Grit is contagious. When a woman business owner exhibits unwavering determination, they inspire their colleagues, teams and even their competitors! This not only creates a positive work environment, but also elevates the performance, setting a standard for excellence.
Grit’s Ripple Effect: A Win-Win

The beauty of grit lies not only in its direct impact on individual success, but also in its ripple effect. As we harness grit as women business owners, we contribute to a more inclusive, supportive industry where diversity thrives. By embracing challenges and thriving in a competitive field, we inspire future generations of women to join the sales force with confidence and set them on a path toward business success in ownership, if they choose!

In conclusion, the world of sales for women business owners and salespeople alike demands more than charm and a fleeting smile or compliment; it requires the driving force of grit. Women business owners who infuse their sales journey with grit not only achieve their goals but also redefine the narrative of success in a traditionally male-dominated industry (both business ownership and sales)! With resilience, adaptability and determination as their allies, we are conquering new horizons and making our mark. So, here’s to the glittering grit that transforms obstacles into opportunities and dreams into reality in the vibrant realms of women business owners everywhere!


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About the Author…

With 25 years of experience in sales of all kinds and now in her 3rd business venture, Sales UpRising, Katie Nelson works with entrepreneurs and sole proprietors to create an excitement around their sell. She provides expertise in the tips and tricks of selling, all the way through the identification of your sales process, and creates tailored programming around more efficient business practices to put more money in the company coffers, and your pockets! Learn more here.

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