She Said/She Said: What’s Your Wellness Strategy?

Mar 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

Wellness means different things to different people, especially multi-tasking, on-the-go women entrepreneurs. That’s why, with the theme of this issue being “Wellness,” we asked two NAWBO members to weigh in this important question:

What’s your wellness strategy for yourself and your business, and how do you measure success?


Lisa Versteegh“My wellness strategy for myself is to keep healthy boundaries, and that means being fully present for my family first. My wellness strategy for my business is to always come from the position of a servant’s heart as I work with my clients…when you do that, the money always follows, which is a pretty good measure of success!”

—Lissa Versteegh, Owner of Sandler Training Atlanta, Georgia Sales Development, NAWBO-Atlanta President


Mindy Bortness“Working from your home office can lead to a more undisciplined wellness approach. Lucky for me, three big dogs are insistent about their daily walks and that’s a big motivator for me to push away from my computer and get outside. In addition, I calendar gym fitness classes that are as important as my client meetings (well, almost). In the summer, I add in swimming. So I’ve purposely built a combination of solo-fitness and classes to keep things fresh.” 

—Mindy Bortness, President of Communication Works, Inc., NAWBO-San Diego President & NAWBO-CA VP




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