Rosanna Garcia Opens Doors for the Hispanic Community With Garcia Realty

Jun 9, 2016 | Member Spotlight

Most of us grow into entrepreneurs and strong business leaders, but some simply have it in their blood. Rosanna Garcia is in the latter group. As a second-generation owner to Garcia Realty, she successfully upholds the 50-year legacy of an innovative firm focused on serving and empowering the Hispanic community.

When her parents launched the business five decades ago, they established themselves as the first bilingual and Hispanic brokerage in the Sacramento, California, region and were one of the few firms who sold property to minorities. While a lot has changed since then, Garcia Realty has remained a reputable and trusted brokerage firm for minority communities in the region. Today, Rosanna owns the business with her brother, Franco, and together, they oversee sales and management of more than 200 properties.

Taking the cue from their parents, Rosanna and her brother have focused on building and maintaining a powerful presence in the community to grow their business. “Every year, our business goes up,” she says. “Last year was one of the busiest years ever, and this year will be double what it was last year.” As they’ve increased their exposure in the community, the firm has gained a reputation for integrity and professionalism—a huge selling point for many families after the recent housing crisis. “One of the largest segments that was hit by the foreclosures was the Hispanic market,” Rosanna continues. “Now, people whose parents sold to our parents are turning to us. They say, ‘My parents told me not to go anywhere else.’”

One way that Rosanna stays on the cutting edge as a business owner is through NAWBO. While her mother was the founding member of the Sacramento chapter, Rosanna has been a member since 1997 and has remained motivated by the organization’s national impact on women’s empowerment. “The work that NAWBO does on a legislative platform—it goes without saying that they’re instrumental in focusing on what’s good for women-owned small businesses,” she says. “People don’t know how much is done behind the doors on our behalf. It’s because of groups like NAWBO that we are able to have our own line of credit without a man’s signature.”

Rosanna also enjoys the supportive network that NAWBO offers and has gleaned inspiration and knowledge from other women business owners since she joined. “The access to experience, knowledge and mentorship that it offers—the residual benefit is that you get business from it also. It’s full circle and comes back to you.”

How Do You Stay Educated?

Q: How do you stay educated in your profession, and how does that make a difference in your success?

“The Sacramento Association of Realtors is one of the best-run realtors associations in the country because of our amazing education department. Not only do we need to be current with our licensing, it’s also an ongoing process of attending programs that are presented for us—our business is changing all the time, so education is continual. It’s what gives you a leg up. That’s the difference between a professional and someone who’s not.”

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