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NextGen Member Alaina Jacques Gets Real with Girl We Gotta Talk Podcast

It started with a need for human connection—an outlet to converse with others and learn about real-life issues. At just 22 years old, Alaina Jacques followed that desire and launched Girl We Gotta Talk, in January 2020. Now, what started as a personal outlet has evolved into an engaging podcast with international guests and a growing following of dedicated listeners. 

After graduating college, Alaina found herself missing the radio show she had started with her friend as a freshman. “I absolutely love talking and learning from people and I thought, ‘Why not extend that into my own life and do a podcast?’ I was craving conversation with others,” Alaina says. 

Two months after the podcast’s launch, Alaina found herself in lockdown as the pandemic forced everyone to stay home. After some quick maneuvering and rethinking, Alaina decided to conduct her interviews via Zoom, which opened doors to reach more guests across the world, including life coaches, entrepreneurs and reality TV stars. “That ended up being a blessing in disguise because I was able to get guests from other states and countries,” she says. “The fact that I can connect with people in other countries is not something I thought would ever happen.”

The timing of the pandemic also helped her listenership to go up. “People were craving connection so the podcast became that for people—you can listen and feel like you’re hanging out with me,” she says. While the podcast covers fun topics like lifestyle and entertainment news, Alaina also delves into deeper issues surrounding relationships and friendships. She hosts a series called, Wine Night Wednesdays, where she opens up on her own in a solo episode or with guests, sparking deep and intellectual conversations, like “What fulfills you?” that many listeners can relate to.

As a NextGen member of NAWBO’s Greater DC chapter, Alaina has found inspiration and support as she continues her entrepreneurial journey. “It’s been really great so far—there are so many hard-working businesswomen who I know and it’s so great to be a part of an organization where we lift each other up. I’ve been learning so much from everyone,” she says. 

Moving forward, Alaina hopes to continue to grow her podcast’s following and reach even more people around the world. Right now, she’s focused on growing the community around the podcast. “It’s been really nice to get messages from listeners about how I’m helping them or thanking me for doing the podcast,” she says. “That’s the reason why I continue to do this. It’s nice to know that all of the work that I’ve given is worth their happiness.” 

Check out Girl We Gotta Talk on Apple or on YouTube.


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