Power Your Dream

Nov 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

As a woman business owner, you know about dreams…your business began with one. But what do you do once you have achieved your dream?

You dream even bigger. Do you want to reach the $1 million mark? Do you want to compete with larger organizations in your industry? Do you want to become a certified women’s or minority women’s business enterprise to open new doors? Do you want to create wealth by one day selling your business? Here’s why dreaming big is so important:

Dreams are the ultimate motivators. While clear, realistic goals are necessary, there’s nothing like a big dream to motivate and push you when the going gets tough. If your dream is coming true, even one small step at a time, it’s all worth it.

They provide meaning and purpose. When you dream, you set your sights on something larger than yourself—something that might even feel impossible at times. This gives you meaning and purpose to take risks, be resourceful and make positive changes.

People who dream big are happier. It’s true: When you dream big, you are often happier than those who settle for less. That’s because your pursuit of happiness and your sense of accomplishment are intrinsically connected.

And they are more fulfilled. Dreaming about what you want in life and business gives you hope about the current path you are on and motivation to stay the course. You feel like you are doing something that’s significant and that really matters.

It’s always the right time. The best part about dreaming big is that anything can happen at any time. So no matter your age or where you are in your life or business, it’s always the right time to identify new dreams and chase them.

As many of you know, dreams were central to last month’s National Women’s Business Conference 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s been several years since we last came together in person for this premier NAWBO event that attracts women business owners from across the nation and even the world.

The “Power Your Dream” theme was about rediscovering and reconnecting with the joy, passion and more that women business owners felt when they first started their businesses. Whether you were with us in Louisville or not, NAWBO is the perfect forum to help power your dream year-round.

Year after year, and decade after decade, NAWBO’s legacy and impact is created by women business owners who want to support one another and see each other succeed. Are you living the life you imagined? Or is it time to reimagine? Are you feeling focused and driven? Or do you need the space to breathe and refocus? Are you ready to take that next step and grow? Or do you need your community to surround and lift you up? It’s all here waiting for you at NAWBO, no matter your dream.

Be sure to check out the WBC2022 Playback that’s available December 1-16, plus all our 2023 national in-person events, starting with Leadership Academy, February 6-7 in Long Beach, California!

—Karen Bennetts
  2022-2023 NAWBO National Board Chair

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