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Oct 19, 2022 | Books We Love

Need a little listening and reading inspiration to help with boosting your sales this month? We’ve got you covered with this list of sales-focused podcasts and books all written by or featuring female sales experts.


Conversations With Women In Sales with Barb Giamanco (Podcast)

Social sales expert Barbara Giamanco launched this show in 2018 as a direct response to the lack of women in sales roles. Episodes touch on topics like how to avoid imposter syndrome, ways to build a sales funnel and how to advance and succeed in sales. Sadly, Barb passed away in 2020, but Women Sales Pros founder Lori Richardson has taken up the torch.


Ultimate Sales Training Success Guide by Miranda Martin (Book)

You know your stuff and have the instincts and insight to be a sales success. Now, it’s time to pass that wisdom on—to bring a new generation up to speed so you can, in a sense, replicate yourself and accomplish even more. This is your handbook for transferring your success skills to others in your organization.


The Other Side of Sales with Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones (Podcast)

While sales has made strides in diversity and inclusion, it still remains predominantly white and male. This B2B podcast highlights the experiences of sales reps from underrepresented groups to build a more supportive sales culture. Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones host the show, which includes a mix of interviews and discussions drawing on their own expertise in sales.


Sell or Die with Jeffrey and Jennifer Gitomer (Podcast)

It’s often said that sales is an art and a science. This show encapsulates that, providing insights on both the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in sales. Hosted by bestselling sales author Jeffrey Gitomer and sales expert Jennifer Gitomer, each episode tackles either a hard skill or a soft skill in a quick 20 minutes.


She Sells: The Empathy Advantage by Megan DiPiero (Book)

There’s a cultural myth that to get ahead in sales, you have to be a shark—greedy and only out for #1. As business owners and creatives who lead with heart, that fear of appearing “salesy” stresses us out and holds us back. But it can actually be an advantage to help you get what you want and increase profits.


Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast with Devin Reed and Sheena Badani (Podcast)

Reveal is for sales leaders who want to reach their fullest potential. Every week, sales practitioner-turned-marketer Devin Reed and category designer Sheena Badani interview sales leaders and experts to explore how they use revenue intelligence—a new way of operating based on data instead of opinions—to win their market.


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