Personalizing Your Event Experiences to Meet Your Goals

Oct 9, 2019 | Business + Lifestyle

We’re counting down the days until we converge in Jacksonville, Florida, to connect with one another, share insights, rejuvenate and feel inspired during the National Women’s Business Conference hosted by NAWBO. To prepare for this annual gathering, we’re offering some tips to help you personalize not only our annual conference, but also any NAWBO event to meet your specific goals. Keep these ideas handy to help boost both your professional and personal development. 

Networking – Research shows people with rich social networks are better informed, more creative, more efficient and better problem-solvers than those with limited social networks. What’s unique about the NAWBO conference is that we aren’t converging just to network, but to really strengthen our relationships with like-minded women who will support us. The relationships we build with each other are invaluable as we connect on a deeper, more personal level where we feel comfortable sharing personal wins and challenges, ideas and resources.

Review your elevator pitch – You’re going to have many opportunities to share with others about your business. If it’s been a year since you created your elevator pitch, consider whether it needs tweaking. Perhaps you’ve expanded your customer base or added a new service you can work into your message.

Problem solve – Write down a few challenges you’re having in your business. During the conference presentations and networking opportunities, listen for strategies or best practices that can apply to your situation. While the circumstances discussed may not specifically pertain to you, they can spark ideas for similar approaches that can improve your business practices

Get social – Is there someone you’re looking forward to meeting or with whom you’ve wanted to connect? Perhaps there’s a fellow NAWBO member who has a business similar to yours. Connect with her on the conference app, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks where her business is prominent. While nothing compares to a one-on-one personal interaction, social networking can serve as an introduction so you’ll already feel like sisters, even before the conference begins.

Bring an open mind – Sometimes, being amongst creative energy inspires innovative ways to bring our business to the next level. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the status quo, find creative solutions and devise new techniques to improve efficiency. Conferences are notorious for encouraging us to think outside the box—and that can lead to big wins.

Most importantly, have fun! This is one of the most exciting, collaborative conferences you will attend in your professional life. There’s plenty of positive feel-good energy flowing and the best part is it’s contagious!

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