Pearls With Purpose Says Love is All You Need

Oct 23, 2015 | Uncategorized

By Riva Richmond of The Story Exchange, a NAWBO media partner

When scaling up becomes a challenge, the answer may be to look to the people who love you.

Love is the force on which Pearls with Purpose runs. So it was only fitting that, when the 13-year-old social enterprise chose a marketing theme for 2015, it chose love. Now, as the year winds down, it’s hoping that an injection of love into its sales effort will provide a new stage of growth.

This year, Pearls with Purpose’s blog and social media posts explored how love animates the 250 Filipina, Indian and Cambodian women who make its delicate pearl necklaces—and how love infuses the American shoppers who buy them for their loved ones. It sent surprise heart necklaces to about 50 volunteers and helpers who had showed love to the company. And it made a video about love as the “one thing” that has contributed the most to Pearls with Purpose’s success as a small business that won first place in the National Association of Women Business Owners’ (NAWBO) “No Small Thing” video contest.

Love is “an action word,” says Wendy Bird, a certified gemologist and the executive director and founder of Lehi, Utah-based Pearls with Purpose. Much more than a marketing exercise, “we wanted to focus on acts of love that others were giving to us.”

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