Our Voice is Our Power

Feb 22, 2017 | Advocacy, Uncategorized

When NAWBO was founded 41 years ago, there were no other business advocacy groups for women entrepreneurs, so the founders of NAWBO created their own. Decades later, we are proud to advocate on behalf of all women business owners and support others who do the same.

That’s why this year, for the second time, we have rolled out our Congressional Endorsement Program that endorses men and women, Democrats and Republicans, challengers and incumbents, based on their personal history of business leadership and/or their legislative track record on business issues. Stances on any non-business issues, including social issues, are not factored into our evaluations. 

Click here to see who has already been endorsed and then stay tuned each week leading up to the November 8th general election as we release additional endorsements. In our 2014 Congressional Endorsement Program, we were proud to see that 94 percent of the candidates we endorsed were elected.

In addition, advocacy is a critical part of our National Women’s Business Conference program this year on September 18-20, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. Here are a few of the highlights you can look forward to if you are joining us:


• Sunday, September 18:

Creating Leaders for a World of Change – Public Policy Panel: Join four former NAWBO National past presidents and National Board members as they share experiences and anecdotes from their tenures that will inspire you to Lead the Way in your own advocacy efforts in 2016 and beyond.

Advocacy: Leading By Example Breakout Session: Hear from NAWBO members about the roles they are playing in this year’s election and leave inspired to be an advocate for yourself, your business, your community and your country.


• Monday, September 19:

Legislative/Policy Breakout Session: Hear from policy experts from Capitol Hill, the Presidential Administration and a Washington, D.C. think tank as they discuss the advocacy issues affecting women business owners in 2016 and beyond.

Pathways to Public Service General Session: The path to public service is personal. Join us as we hear directly from women in elective office from both political parties about what drove them to pursue a career in public service and what motivates them to stay engaged.

Click here to view the complete conference agenda.

Register for this year’s conference here.

Advocating around the issues that are important to you as a woman, minority or small business owner might seem overwhelming at first. Maybe you don’t feel like you have the time or don’t think your single voice will make a difference. At NAWBO, we encourage our members to start local—on your own or with your chapter. Pay attention, write to your city, county and state elective officials and vote. Here is a great online resource that can help you get started.

Also, consider how you can be part of NAWBO National’s powerful advocacy voice where our strength lies in our rich history and growing numbers. Explore our National Advocacy website page here and consider attending this month’s National Women’s Business Conference in Columbus or next year’s Public Policy Day in Washington, D.C.

Remember, as women business owners, one of our greatest powers is our voice.

—Teresa Meares, 2016-2017 National Board Chair

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