Operational Systems

Aug 2, 2010 | Uncategorized

The only people I’ve ever met who started a business because they have a love of operations are business consultants who specialize in just that. Most of our members started their businesses because they have a passion for their product, want to set their work schedules or desire to make an impact on the world around them. Operations, like human resources and accounting, is just one of the many hats small business owners wear as they grow their organizations.

Whether it’s crafting your business plan for the first time, revisiting your goals year over year or reviewing internal processes for long term growth, there’s always an opportunity to improve your businesses operations. We have many great resources to share with you this month and I hope you’ll take advantage of them.

As with any opportunity in your business, the real challenge is finding the time and keeping operations top of mind. As a business owner, how do you find time for operational analysis? Do you hire a consultant or objectively review your operations on your own? What is your greatest operational challenge? What has been your greatest success?

Post your comments, share your best practices, learn and network with one another. After all, that’s what NAWBO is all about.

—Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO

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