Nikita Trevino’s Small Business Has Lots of Heart

Nov 12, 2015 | Member Spotlight

Most 25-year-olds are still slowly easing into adulthood—some are finishing up school, others are landing their first job, most are still figuring out what they want to do with their lives. But for Nikita Trevino, 25 looks a little different. As the owner of her own San Antonio-based jewelry company, heART Jewelry, she is actively paving her own way as a successful small business owner.

As a third generation small business owner, Nikita was born and raised to be an entrepreneur. Her mother runs her own consulting firm and her grandmother owns a successful wholesale jewelry company, which sparked Nikita’s interest in jewelry making. After learning the ropes of the jewelry business with her grandmother, Nikita was inspired to offer her own custom pieces with heART Jewelry. “I love jewelry and it’s been in my family forever. I wanted to get into custom jewelry because the thought of making something that clients love and can pass down that will last forever¾that really intrigued me,” Nikita says. “I love giving my heart through art to other people, which is where the name ‘Heart Jewelry’ comes from.”

While heART Jewelry is still relatively new (it launched about a year ago), Nikita is steadily growing her network of clients and connections. Case in point: As a new member of the NAWBO-San Antonio chapter, she was thrilled to host a jewelry table at this year’s National Women’s Business Conference, where her grandmother kindly donated jewelry for a raffle to benefit the NAWBO Institute. Nikita notes that her experience with NAWBO has allowed her to expand her network of support and given her access to like-minded women who understand her challenges and motivate her to chase her dream. “I met women and jewelers from all areas and it was inspiring to me. I know we’re going to help each other’s businesses,” she says.

While heART Jewelry may be a small business, Nikita has big plans for its future, and aspires to eventually launch her own boutique/bistro storefront, which would offer the best of her jewelry and baked goods in a one-stop shop. As for now, she is focused on building a business that is rooted in art and joy. “If you flourish, it shows within your work. I don’t want to have a company or a job where I’m not expressing what’s really inside,” she says. “I love art, painting, cooking, baking and I love to make people happy. I’m very passionate, and my hope is that it will only continue to expand from there.”

For more information, e-mail Nikita Trevino at [email protected].

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