NAWBO’s Impact in 2018 Was Felt from California to New York and Everywhere in Between

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How has NAWBO helped shape you personally and professionally in 2018? Whether it was developing an important business relationship, seeing an increase in company revenue or even finding a lifelong friend, it’s clear after catching up with the following chapter presidents that NAWBO’s impact was felt all over the country.

“NAWBO enriches me personally and professionally year after year. In 2018, my business more than doubled in revenue, due in part to NAWBO expanding my thinking for innovation in my hiring intelligence business. I also consider NAWBO women among my best of friends. They boost me, challenge me and make me smile.”

Mindy Bortness
President/CEO of Communication Works Inc., NAWBO-California & San Diego


“I am so proud and honored to be the president of the Buffalo/Niagara Chapter of NAWBO this year. Just after I started my business in 2013, Sabina Ramsey (2015-2016 chapter president) encouraged me to attend my first NAWBO dinner meeting. After two dinner meetings, I was hooked. Joining was one of the best decisions I have made. I have had the support of this fantastic organization and its members throughout my journey as an entrepreneur.

The friendships I have made will last a lifetime, and the business advice and encouragement I have received this year and in years past has made me a much better business owner. E.B. Howard Consulting is what it is today because of the support and guidance of my fellow NAWBO sisters. In the past year, as part of the leadership within the Buffalo/Niagara Chapter serving as president-elect and now this year as president, I have had the opportunity to pay it forward to our membership much in the same way it was forwarded to me when I first joined by sharing my insights and encouragement to those who seek it. It has truly been a rewarding experience. Thank you, NAWBO.”

Christine E.B. Howard
Founder of E.B. Howard Consulting, NAWBO/Buffalo Niagara


“Through my affiliation with NAWBO, I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing women this year. We have a very supportive community of women who understand the highs and lows of starting and growing a thriving business. I am a better leader and better person as a result of my connection with NAWBO.” 

Gwendolyn Tucker
Managing Partner at RIX International, LLC, NAWBO-Memphis


“NAWBO has greatly impacted both my personal and professional life in the past year. 2018 has been a milestone year for me in many ways. This year, my company Strategic Benefits celebrated its 10-year business anniversary. I also celebrated my 10 years of membership with NAWBO and I became president. On a personal note, I also celebrated my 25-year wedding anniversary. 

I contribute much of my success to NAWBO and the amazing support that I have received from my NAWBO sisters. Not only business support, but encouragement in every way. I would not have stepped up to take this a leadership role if it were not for all the support provided. I feel great pride in being part of such an amazing organization.” 

Inez Romaguera
President/Owner of Strategic Benefits, LLC, NAWBO-Broward/Palm Beach


“This past year, NAWBO-Indianapolis was my strategic partner in a 2x scaling of my firm. We acquired another NAWBO woman business owners’ firm, nearly doubling our size overnight. I strategically used no less than 10 other NAWBO-Indianapolis members and corporate partners to complete the acquisition, from attorneys and CPAs to planners and marketing and financing. We certainly upheld #ThinkNAWBOfirst! And I, personally, have grown so much from the experience.” 

Jessica Nickloy
President/CEO of Etica Group, NAWBO-Indianapolis


“As a solo-preneur, interacting with other women business owners has motivated and energized me to look at new opportunities for business growth in 2018. I get ideas from talking with them, receive encouragement to take risks and most importantly, gain friendship.”

Priscilla Archangel
President of Archangel and Associates, LLC, NAWBO-Greater Detroit


“Stepping into the role of president of NAWBO-Cleveland has allowed me the opportunity to increase my leadership skills. With this strengthened skill set, I had the confidence to explore an additional service line: training teams in communications skills, time management and productivity. This ultimately led to an increase in revenue.”

Lisa Crilley Mallis
Owner of Impactive Strategies, NAWBO-Cleveland


Stepping into a leadership role with NAWBO-Columbus has definitely increased my confidence and my ability to be a better listener for my colleagues and my clients. Our board is the best I have ever served on and the women in our chapter and on our board have impacted my business through the way they lead and how they support me and root me on, which influences how I lead and conduct my business on a daily basis with more confidence, strategy and intention.

Additionally, one key relationship I’ve developed through NAWBO this past year has been with Cari Jones of Elephant Creative Co., an amazing graphic designer and brand expert who I believe has had a significant influence on me landing two new clients through the visual proposal template she created and I submitted to win the business. I love the strategic relationships I have developed with women business owners like Cari through NAWBO and am so grateful to have found her among our tribe in Columbus.”

Tonya Tigget
Founder of Tiggett & Co., LLC, NAWBO-Columbus


“Running and growing a business can be an emotional roller-coaster, and this year was especially challenging for me. My NAWBO sisters saved my bacon on the days where everything seemed to be going wrong. They got me back on course with simple texts, connection to resources and occasionally some tough love. I originally joined NAWBO to grow my business, and it’s definitely done that! But what I’ve stayed for is the association with, and the compassion from, the high-caliber women who I call my sisters.”

Mary Cravets
Founder of Mary Cravets Training and Consulting, LLC, NAWBO-Central Coast CA


“At NAWBO, you can literally call up anyone and have a conversation. Sometimes you miss that accountability aspect when you’re on your own, but when you call someone else who may be going through the same thing, it motivates you. Every year, especially in 2018, I gain valuable skills, resources and networking opportunities from my peers. I want to help our members connect and stay engaged and I always encourage members to get on the phone and just call another member. It’s been so worth it for me over the years.”

Kathryn Towner
President/Owner of WinCommunications, NAWBO-Iowa
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