NAWBO-Greater Raleigh Celebrates Giving Back to the Community

Mar 19, 2019 | Uncategorized


It takes a concerted effort to include civic and community service in a business. That’s why NAWBO’s Greater Raleigh chapter is hosting a Giving Back To the Community business luncheon to showcase local women business owners who are doing just that.

Linda CraftElizabeth Nisbet MillerSara Garces Roselli

The event is in line with similar presentations that the chapter has hosted before. Held on March 27th at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel RDU in Durham, North Carolina, this year’s business luncheon will feature three local women business owner panelists who have earned reputations for being “a force for good.” Panelists include Linda Craft of Craft Residential and Craft Commercial, Elizabeth Nisbet Miller of National Women Business Owners Corporation and Sara Garces Roselli of Packard Place.

“The concept of giving back is important to our chapter because across our area the spirit of caring and sharing is apparent in every community,” says President-elect of NAWBO Greater Raleigh Olalah Njenga. “A panel discussion from leaders who have blended entrepreneurial pursuits with civic ones will honor the noble work that is happening across our area. The Giving Back To The Community luncheon program was created to illuminate the purposeful work that our area’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic leaders are doing to continue making a difference in the lives of people.”

While the focus of “giving back” was at the forefront of event planning, Olalah also points out that it was important to assemble a panel of business leaders with a broad appeal to audience members. “A big consideration for us was to ensure that the mix of business leaders and their respective causes were dynamic and compelling for our audience of members and guests. Audience interest, engagement and enthusiasm are at the top of our attendee experience checklist,” she says.

Quick Tip

“For NAWBO chapters that are considering incorporating community and civic initiatives into their program content, my best advice is to broaden your lens. It is easy to believe that a certain civic cause that you are passionate about is important to everyone. That is not always the case. Broaden your lens to look for unique ways to combine shared interests across professional and social networks and tap those business leaders who are strategic about aligning their business brands with civic ones.” –President-elect of NAWBO Greater Raleigh Olalah Njenga

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