This Mother-Daughter Team Is Dressing Women For Success With Audibelle Clothing

Nov 8, 2016 | Member Spotlight

Teresa and Kayla at Audibelle Launch at WBCAs women business owners, we want to inspire and empower young women to take charge of their futures and make a difference. So when Teresa Meares saw an opportunity to begin a business with her 13-year old daughter, Kayla, she ran with it. Now, the mother-daughter team is launching a new clothing line to motivate girls everywhere.

As the President of DGG Uniform and Work Apparel and NAWBO National Board Chair, Teresa knows what it takes to launch and grow a business in the clothing industry. Inspired to take on a passion project, she immediately knew her daughter had to be involved. “It just started to become clear that my daughter is my inspiration and I want to do everything I can to make a difference for women and girls. So we came up with a clothing line that is fashionable that’s focused on positive energy,” Teresa says. After working with Kayla and a creative designer to develop meaningful designs, Audibelle Clothing was born. The line features casual, comfortable clothing with positive messages and images on them, like “Fearless” and “Stay True.”

While Teresa brings her years of experience to the table, Kayla brings her knowledge of what’s fashionable and relevant as a teenager today. “When we started doing this, her ideas and feedback were so rock solid and spot on that I was taken back a bit,” recalls Teresa. “I would be wrong not to have her be a part of this. She had so much to bring to the table. She has an equal amount of input, so it’s only fair that she play the part that she is capable of.”

Taking on a business at 13 years old does come with a lot of give and take. For example, Kayla recently made the decision to be homeschooled in order to better balance her responsibilities. But talk with Kayla and it’s clear: She is passionate and dedicated to making her mark as a business owner. Case in point: As the youngest NAWBO member, she recently had a blast networking with women at the recent annual National Women’s Business Conference. “It was so inspiring and empowering to see all these women who are so positive and empowering and make you feel so good. We got a lot of positive remarks, which is amazing. It was a great experience,” she says.

While the clothing line is strictly online right now, Teresa and Kayla plan to expand it to select retail locations, and then hopefully big box stores in the future. Beyond expansion, the most important goal for the business is to reach young women with positivity. “We want girls to be at their fullest potential,” says Kayla. “To know that when you look at yourself, you are you, and that is perfect.”

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