Mina Fies Renovates through Recession to Build a Thriving Business

Aug 9, 2017 | Member Spotlight

It can be easy to take our space for granted. An office, a living room, a kitchen—sure, they can all be brushed aside as “just rooms.” But think about this: Those spaces are actually where we spend precious time with our families, discovering our passions and growing our businesses. They’re more than just rooms. That’s exactly what Mina Fies helps her clients to realize with her business, Synergy Design & Construction, as she expertly crafts spaces that help enhance the way they live and grow.

Mina’s business started (and continues to thrive) with an unwavering passion for design. In 2008, when most businesses were closing their doors, Mina was confidently starting her design, build and remodel business with her husband, Mark. In fact, she was so invested in a project that had been halted under a previous employer (who was closing their doors) that she decided to take it upon herself to finish the project with her new company. “There was a fearlessness and passion that fueled me to do it,” she says. “I saw that there were so many people suffering in their homes. There’s something about being able to go into someone’s home and make it exactly what they want.” Like every new business, Mina faced challenges in the beginning as she found her way, but began growing her client base and was quickly featured on an HGTV show for her expert work.

Today, Synergy has 14 employees, including a licensed architect and interior designers to manage client projects every step of the way. Throughout her journey, Mina has relied on the support and mentorship of NAWBO to inspire her. A member and past president of the NAWBO-Greater D.C. chapter for more than seven years, she has found immense value as a member on many levels. “NAWBO really provides such a connection and support system to you off the bat. It’s also a place where you can let your hair down. You can talk about challenges, and ask for resources,” she says. Mina is also a member of the NAWBO Circle program for businesses with $1M or more in annual revenue. “We meet once a month online. Everything that is said is between us so I feel comfortable talking about a challenge I’m having,” Mina shares. “It’s another level of connection and accountability. I leave focused on what I’m going to focus on the next month.”

Inspirational meetings and continual focus on business growth has helped Mina find success and best serve her clients. It’s also motivated her to develop one of her latest upcoming business projects: An eight-step “renovation roadmap” online program designed for homeowners seeking support from anywhere around the world. While Synergy serves clients in the Northern Virginia vicinity, this is a way for Mina to reach all homeowners in need of her services. The subscription base site gives members access to sample contracts, monthly live streams with Mina and an entire online community where homeowners can ask questions and share their own renovation experiences.

Looking ahead, Mina is excited to continue to grow her business locally and expand her services to homeowners in need everywhere.

Find out more about Synergy Design & Construction at: https://www.renovatehappy.com.


What do you want your legacy as a woman leader to be?

“Leadership is being able to go against the grain. It’s being able to learn to trust and go with your gut; trust that inner spirit. If there’s any legacy that I’d want anyone to know about me, it’s coming into finding that voice and trusting that inner knowing that we have as women business owners.”



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