Mi’Chelle Bettner Brings Passion to Role as National Business Development Manager

May 10, 2017 | Member Spotlight

There is power in focusing on what we’re passionate about. As women business owners and leaders, our passion is often a driving force in our lives and helps us to achieve our goals. For Mi’Chelle Bettner, having a passion for women’s advocacy and women business owners has helped prepare her for her next greatest role: NAWBO National’s Business Development Manager.

Ask Mi’Chelle, and she’ll tell you that serving others is in her blood. She previously served as Executive Director of the NAWBO-Indianapolis chapter and was inspired by the dedication and hard work she saw from her colleagues at the state and national levels. “These inspirational women not only own a business, but most are also providing for and taking care of their families. They find a way to make it all work,” she says. “That’s a group worth supporting, advocating for and providing resources to since they (all 10.1 million of them that make up 33 percent of national businesses) individually and collectively make a huge impact on our economy.”

In her new role, Mi’Chelle plans to focus on engaging and optimizing relationships with corporate partners. “I would like to inspire and build partnerships with corporations who want to support and do business with women entrepreneurs.   The economic impact that women business owners have across the nation is strong, growing and worth investing in their success,” she says.

Mi’Chelle notes that she also hopes to target organizations that can support NAWBO’s 501c3 needs and is approaching her role with an “open portfolio of opportunity” to build strong relationships in every way possible.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve at the National level, she is eager to bring resources and support to the NAWBO team. Mi’Chelle is also grateful for the opportunity to represent NAWBO members nationwide and represent so many inspiring women. “I know how passionate these women are and how hard they work. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to maximize the relationships with current and potential supporting corporate partners that appreciate their vision and success,” she says.


Get To Know Mi’Chelle

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I have two amazing children, David (16) and Kate (14). When not spending time with them, I enjoy running and reading and love to travel.

Are there any community causes that you’re passionate about?

I have served on several boards and committees, including serving as a chair for Flourish and other events. Volunteering for community not-for-profits like Prevail, Christamore House Guild and Boys & Girls Club that provide resources to families, especially women and children, has been a blessing.

Why is NAWBO so important to you?

NAWBO was founded by women who advocated for women business owners 40-plus years ago and it is a strong and motivating story. Many of the 10.1 million women business owners are looking for a go-to place where they can find resources to grow and NAWBO is the perfect resource. NAWBO, along with the support from corporate partners, is continuing to help them find their seat at the table.  



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