Sep 14, 2017 | Member Spotlight

Kimberly Baeth, President, Golden Openings, Inc.

There’s nothing quite like a grand opening event. Huge ribbons being cut with giant scissors to unveil a new building. A giant golden key to the city. A golden shovel to mark the official groundbreaking of a new business. But without one woman, we would not have any of those special tools. Kimberly Baeth is the brain behind the popular items that make grand openings and groundbreakings so special—from giant scissors to big bows to unique awards and keepsakes.

Her business, Golden Openings, Inc. was the first “Grand Opening Superstore” and now ships hundreds of packages daily all over the world. Her business also coordinates about five local events each week for high-profile companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Wells Fargo. Kimberly has also coordinated events for the White House, Oprah, Disney, Lady Gaga, Google, Apple, professional sports teams, movies and many universities. What’s more, she has set a world record for the longest ribbon cutting (4.5 miles).

As a member of NAWBO-Iowa, Kimberly has been a speaker at the Women Mean Business Summit and is committed to helping other women grow their businesses. “NAWBO has inspired me to drive innovation and growth in my own company in multiple ways. Not only did I gain confidence that I could build a great company, I learned how,” she explains. “By working with fellow NAWBO members, I learned how to establish a great team, make smart business investments, build my customer base and connect with other women business owners and the community.” 

As one of this year’s WBO of the Year finalists, Kimberly is proud of her team’s accomplishments. “It is a very special honor to be recognized by NAWBO. There are thousands of exceptional women business leaders in this country, and to be recognized among them is very humbling,” she says. “I’m also thankful and happy for my team, as they deserve lots of the credit for Golden Opening’s success. They have all worked so hard over the past several years to deliver for our customers and grow our business. I am very blessed to lead such a fantastic dream team.”


Kim Heathcott, CEO & Owner, Clarion Security

What’s the trick to steadily growing a business in a competitive industry? You may want to ask Kim Heathcott, who began her business, Clarion Security, in 2009 with no customers and only one employee. For the past three years, it’s been the largest woman-owned business in Memphis. Kim took her background in financial services with an emphasis on fraud auditing and control investigations to lead her business to achieve a projected $10 million in 2017 revenues.

When she’s not focusing on her business, Kim is actively involved in NAWBO and has served as Program Chair, Treasurer and President-Elect with the Memphis chapter. As Past President, Kim successfully launched the Memphis NAWBO Women’s Business Accelerator, which has graduated two cohorts of 20 women. What’s more, the program has nearly doubled the Memphis chapter’s membership. Kim has also served on the board of the Greater Memphis Chamber and currently serves on the Chamber Small Business Council board.

“In the seventh year after starting my business from the ground up, it is extremely gratifying to be recognized as a NAWBO finalist,” Kim says. “Businesses run by women bring a unique vision, approach and commitment that is being recognized and respected right now in our country. I am so appreciative of the honor bestowed on me by NAWBO. Early on in my business, I sought mentoring from other women business owners who were further ahead of me in their businesses and whom I could learn from and benchmark. I hope that my story encourages and supports other women-owned businesses to dig in and find their version of success.”


Dr. Janis (aka “Dr. Jan”) Shinkawa, Medical Director & Co-Founding Partner, Ohana Pet Hospital

You could say that Janis is an expert in following her dreams. After starting her career as a successful Certified Public Accountant with Ernst & Young, she decided to chase a childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. She trained and worked as a general animal practitioner and then co-founded Ohana Pet Hospital in Ventura County in 2012. She and her business partners are strong advocates for animals and aim to make Ventura County a 100 percent no-kill community.

Along with her dedication to animals, Janis is also dedicated to supporting women business owners through NAWBO. A member and former President of the NAWBO-Ventura chapter, she is passionate about her NAWBO community. “NAWBO has given me a sisterhood of business owners who support each other. Many have referred clients to us or have become clients of our hospital,” Janis says. “I have also hired NAWBO members to help us with our insurance, legal, marketing, special events and animal energy healing needs. They have helped us to perform these functions of the business so that we can concentrate on what we do best for the animals.”

That immense appreciation Janis has for her NAWBO sisters makes this year’s award nomination even more special. “I am honored and humbled to be a finalist for this award. I know that NAWBO members across the country are amazing, sharp and incredible business owners. To be named as a finalist leaves me speechless and very grateful,” she says.

Janis has also served as President of the Santa Barbara/Ventura Veterinary Medical Association and is a member of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce Green Task Force. 

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