Mastercard Delivers Resources, Access to Experts and Tools to Support Main Street Businesses

Aug 7, 2020 | Partner News


If you are feeling unsure about your financial future right now, you are not alone. The devastating impact of COVID-19 has influenced our global economies and brought uncertainty to the financial future of millions of families and businesses across the United States.

As Mastercard’s education and empowerment program deeply rooted in supporting underserved communities, Master Your Card continues to be NAWBO’s longtime partner and a resource of information to navigate the road ahead.

Small businesses serve as the foundation for our economy and, now more than ever, need support and resources to sustain their operations and build for the future. While the world changes every day, Mastercard remains committed and continues to pivot to deliver the digital tools, programs and mentorship needed to navigate this new normal today and tomorrow.

In order to provide all small businesses with immediate insights and information to remain open or get back to business, Mastercard has launched “Priceless Conversations: Real Talk, Real Action,” an ongoing online mentorship program, leveraging Mastercard’s Women Business Advisory Council members. These experts and partners provide their unique perspective and curated small business engagements, as the small business “Experts of the Week.” For more information, follow @mastercard on Twitter for expert updates and join Mastercard’s “Her Ideas Start Something Priceless Community” here.

To further Mastercard’s commitment to helping business owners through this crisis, they launched The Main Street Resource Center, an online place for small businesses to access a curated set of needs-based solutions and resources to help navigate the current environment, as well as through recovery. These efforts build on Mastercard’s expanded worldwide commitment to financial inclusion, pledging to bring a total of 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses into the digital economy by 2025. And given the crucial role that women play in these businesses, they’re pledging to reach 25 million women entrepreneurs.

Additionally, they are committed to providing business owners with educational tools to help answer questions about accepting payment cards, where to start, electronic safety and security for your business and customers information. You can also find additional content around electronic payments technology through the Master Your Card program.

Check the Master Your Card website for updates, as well as Facebook and Twitter

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