Lynda Bishop, Program Director, NAWBO Circle (a NAWBO Institute program)

Nov 8, 2016 | Meet the Team

Lynda Bishop


Living each day centered on my top values of integrity, freedom and fun is important to me and I have based my entrepreneurial career choices on them. Being an entrepreneur has been a wild ride with all three of these values at the core.

Always full of ideas and strategies, I make sure that I keep myself in integrity by being courageous enough to keep stepping into the unknown and being brave enough to not say “yes” when I really mean “maybe” (or “no”!). Being true to my word matters to me.

My value of freedom shows up in my business life as I relish the freedom to create solutions, to make decisions, to forge ahead, to be responsible for my own actions and to bring as many great people with me as are willing to go!

Fun, of course, is also weaved in anywhere I can! I am a grateful, loyal, strong and happy person who truly appreciates the value of being part of a great team—whether I am leading or not!

I founded and continue to run a training/mentoring/program management company in Phoenix, AZ, where I get to continually expand my creative side in program development and solution finding. Facilitating, writing, learning and teaching are among my great loves.   

I hold a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Professional Counseling. After 15 years, my private practice of working with women, couples and teens has evolved and culminated in the writing of my first solo book, Great Love – No Regrets; Building Relationships that Last, published in August 2016.



I love learning, nature, travel and change. My relationships of family and friends are the sweetest spot in my life. My lifestyle is one of connection, enjoyment and consciously being present where I am. My downtime is most often spent enjoying life with my husband (and dogs). One of the best parts of my life today is when I get to immerse myself in my fun value by spending time with my grown children and grandchildren!



I am deeply involved in my community and am a cause-driven leader. My personal mission of being an agent of positive change and leading by example has been a driver for me as I have taken on many community projects locally and internationally. I am a global citizen who feels most alive when I am using my best skills to create new possibilities and a brighter future. This can be seen in my many years with NAWBO-Phoenix, the last four years of directing the first Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Arizona (in partnership with the AZ Hispanic Chamber) and my women’s leadership work in promoting sustainability in entrepreneurial and humanitarian projects with the next generation of women in the US, China and Africa.

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