Luminoustudios Makes Storytelling a Good Business Decision

Aug 15, 2018 | Uncategorized


If you’re like most people out there, you probably describe yourself as a “visual learner.” You learn, engage, communicate and appreciate things more naturally when they are visually shown to you. That’s at the crux of how Reema Dutt and her team at Luminoustudios are helping businesses to market themselves—through high quality, strategic video production for clients across the world.

With a background in the film industry, Reema and her co-founder Sania Jhankar both started to recognize a gap that needed to be filled. “We saw all these startups that didn’t really understand video marketing,” she says. “Given our indie film background, we thought we could help those people leverage video marketing with a smaller video production, and smaller budget, but maintain that high quality. It also allowed us to do more projects and be more creative on an ongoing basis.”

After a brief trial period, they officially launched Luminoustudios as a one-stop shop for all creative video production needs. Their team of talented contractors handles end-to-end video production, including creative development, script writing, casting, filming and post-production. While Luminoustudios specializes in the technology, lifestyle and non-profit sectors, their focus in every video is simple: to tell a business’ story well. After nearly four years in operation, that focus is proving to pay off. “We’ve evolved from working with startups to mid-stage brands in tech, lifestyle and non-profit sectors. Now we work with funded startups who are doing really well (i.e. Fiver) all the way to bigger companies like Polaroid and Kodak, who are trying to turn out more digital content and live online,” Reema explains.

Reema was recently selected for the Sharapova Women’s Entrepreneur Program and is looking forward to taking this opportunity to find ways to scale her business and bring it to the next level. “We have built a strong business and we’re at this point where we have a lot of questions about growth and scaling,” she says. “How do we try to focus and make what we’re doing more of a product, so we can scale it a little more effectively? We see this as a great way to get external experience on what we should be doing now.”

As a new member of NAWBO-Los Angeles, Reema is also excited to connect with other women business owners in a supportive setting. “NAWBO is a great band of women who can be resources to help with business development. In a recent meeting, I liked hearing about the connective ends where founders can coordinate our own events, talks or webinars. It will help us to elevate our brand, our business and us as founders.”

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