For Laura Sniadecki and A.G. Maas Company, Strong Women Business Owners Run in the Family

Jan 21, 2016 | Member Spotlight

Many women turn to their mothers for advice on all aspects of life—from secret recipes to parenting to family traditions. Few have the opportunity to be inspired by their mothers to run a business. That’s exactly what happened to Laura Sniadecki as she grew up watching her mother run a facility maintenance supply company. She watched her mother purchase the family company from her grandfather in 1982. As she got older, she worked summers as an employee and watched as her mother successfully led the business. Then in 2006, she made the decision to purchase the business from her mother to continue the legacy as a second-generation woman business owner.

As president of A.G. Maas Company, Laura was honored to recently celebrate the business’ 100-year anniversary and is excited to continue to lead the company’s growth. As part of her leadership, Laura has reinvigorated all aspects of the company—from a new website to incorporating top business advisors. “My mom had a great company, but after almost 25 years, she knew that it needed fresh ideas,” Laura says. “Change can be healthy for a company, and  I had a lot of energy. I also had an ambition to learn and recognized the importance of networking.”

A major part of that networking lies within NAWBO. As a member of the Indianapolis chapter since 2005 (her mother was also a NAWBO member and recommended Laura join), Laura has appreciated the supportive, collaborative network that NAWBO has offered. “Every woman in NAWBO knows what it’s like to be a business owner. That is a really important mindset to share. We’re hiring people, choosing accountants, raising families, and we have so many other similarities.”

Beyond serving as a great support system, NAWBO has also played a role in Laura’s business growth. “I use our member and corporate partner directory regularly—I go there first to see if someone in NAWBO does whatever it is that I need. With our common NAWBO bond, it’s easier to form partnerships and do business together.  Indianapolis is a big city, but NAWBO makes it a little smaller.”

As Laura moves forward on the heels of a 100-year business milestone, she is excited to keep that successful momentum going. “As I plan for 2016, we will be increasing our automation and continuing to leverage the Internet,” she says. “Responsive, personalized customer service will continue to set us apart, and technology will allow us to expand our reach.”

Another key to business success? Maintaining your health as a business owner. With a degree in nutrition and fitness, Laura understands the importance of health and wellness. “Health is very important to me. I try to squeeze in physical activity when I can—sometimes it is just taking the stairs or parking a little farther away. I think the key is to be intentional,”  she shares. “Schedule an annual physical and get it on the calendar early. Women are always taking care of others; we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.”

But even as she leverages exciting business changes in 2016, Laura is clear that some things will never change. “We want to stay true to our roots,” she says. “That’s been very important to me from day one. I wanted to be the best—never the biggest or the cheapest. We want to help people navigate through the cluttered world of facility maintenance supplies. We want to make it easy, personalized and exceed expectations out there in the market.”

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