Is It Really About What THEY Think?

Jun 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

Lorin BellerBy Lorin Beller

So you think it’s about what THEY think? Let’s take a deeper look.

I have been in business for myself since I was about 21 years old—that is almost 30 years! What I know is that when I first started working with marketing and branding specialists, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on them helping me get my “brand” right. And that is the expensive way to do it. 

What I have learned is that real branding and marketing is first an INSIDE job. You have to be committed first to your values—to know them…intimately, because the brand emerges from that deep place. When you build your brand from that fire in your heart, you are onto something.   From that seed, the organization’s brand will also emerge. And when these two sets of values are aligned, your sales and marketing plan becomes unstoppable.

You see, a branding and marketing plan—one that is based on your values—is a game changer. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that your top five personal values are:

  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Making a Difference
  • Adventure
  • Personal Growth

Your company values will be some sort of image of those values in some way. I believe that from them comes your extremely unique branding and marketing plan. And it must be done in a way that truly allows you to shine your brightest!

So your plan might include:

  • Hosting a community event (Community)
  • Awesome service in some way demonstrates your desire to go above and beyond (Making a Difference)
  • Offering some surprises (Adventure)
  • Amazing follow-through after the event (Making a Difference and Integrity)
  • And if there is a failure in the process, you look it in the eye and take in that learning opportunity (Personal Growth)

But your branding and marketing plan need to be a bigger image of who you want to be in the world—it is merely your reflection. Don’t create your plan in the hopes that THEY WILL LIKE IT… create it so that YOU LOVE IT. THAT is how you create wild success in the world.


Lorin Beller has been providing training, coaching and books to guide and empower entrepreneurs since 2001. She has served thousands of clients and helped them to realize their ideal lives—as successful, prosperous entrepreneurs, and as people who feel balanced and fulfilled on all levels. Learn more here. Lorin is a member of NAWBO-San Diego and previously served on the NAWBO National Board.

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