The Insights Are In: Check Out the Fall Small Business Owner Report

Dec 14, 2017 | Partner News

Our partners at Bank of America have just released insights from its Fall 2017 Bank of America Small Business Owner Report. The report includes a comparison of perspectives between male and female small business owners. While both male and female small business owners have similar hiring plans, male entrepreneurs are more likely to be confident about their local, national and global economies, while female entrepreneurs are more likely to anticipate revenue increases over the next year.

Here are details of the findings:

  • Male small business owners report greater confidence in the economy improving in the year ahead compared to their female counterparts. This includes confidence in their local economies (50% of male vs. 46% of female), the national economy (51% of male vs. 40% of female) and the global economy (35% of male vs. 27% of female).
  • More female small business owners (55%) expect increased revenues within the next 12 months than male (48%).
  • Male and female small business owners are aligned on their hiring plans for the year ahead, with 16% indicating plans to hire new staff.

As a whole, small business owners’ confidence in the economy improved significantly over 2016, and a majority of small business owners are optimistic that their 2017 year-end revenue will surpass that of 2016. Looking ahead, we are excited about continuing to partner with you to advance the opportunities, goals and impact of women entrepreneurs in this era of optimism in business.

See a complete overview of the results here


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