How to Be an Effective Leader For a Multi-Generational Workforce

Aug 9, 2017 | Business + Lifestyle

Today’s workforce is truly diverse, with employees ranging in age from 20-80. While that diversity brings strength and agility to a team, it also brings a greater responsibility for leaders to motivate, communicate and embrace team members across multi-generations. Here are a few tips to ensure you are leading effectively in today’s modern workforce.

1. Steer Clear of Stereotypes

Sure, each generation has labels or stereotypes attached to it. But the best way to embrace diversity in the workplace is to avoid those labels all together. Instead, focus your energy on communicating and modeling the advantages that come with a multi-generational workforce.

2. Embrace Mentorship From All

Teaching and mentoring shouldn’t be reserved for just the oldest team members. In fact, each generation has its own unique strengths that can be shared, regardless of age. For example, baby boomers have been linked to a thorough understanding of cost-effectiveness, while millennials are typically the most tech-savvy generation and adapt easily. Take advantage of these different strengths by encouraging mentorship among all team members to enhance everyone’s skill sets!

3. Be Flexible

Since each generation comes to the workplace with different expectations and communication methods, effective leaders must be flexible. Most often, this means taking an individual approach to show team members paths to goals, rewards and challenges.  

4. Find Common Ground

Despite differences between generations, every employee shares common values, like wanting to feel engaged, trusted and valued in their role. As an effective leader, motivate and coach your team members to achieve their career goals and find individual success. 



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