Harness Passion, Focus on Customer Experience Among Tips for Business Success

Dec 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

By Mark S. Lee, Small Business Guest Blogger, Crain’s Detroit Business

As a business owner, you’re confronted with needs and challenges each and every day—from running the day-to-day operations, to staffing, to growing profitably. But what does it take to become successful and profitable in the long term?

Crystal Arredondo, NAWBO National Board Chair, is a partner with MPACT Financial Group in Dallas, Texas, a financial planning firm that manages investments for high-net worth individuals. Arredondo’s team comprises seven equity partners, including three who are women. In her role as NAWBO’s Chair, Arredondo travels the country to visit local chapters; Detroit is one of 60 across the country. “It’s been a privilege to meet leaders of small businesses, elected officials and corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies,” she said. The organization, at-large, represents the collective voice of 9.1 million women business owners. NAWBO’s Board of Directors is composed of women who also run their own companies—according to Arredondo, “very successful companies, I might add.”

Arredondo runs across a diverse group of entrepreneurs when traveling the country. “One of my favorites is meeting inspirational women,” she says. “For example, I now know two Paralympic gold medalists who are now motivational speakers—and both became NAWBO members.”

In her travels, Arredondo is often asked a simple question: “What is the best advice that you have for business owners?”

Based on various discussions, she’s received many tips to address this thought-provoking question. In other words, what’s the one piece of advice might you offer that is practical yet valuable? So, Arredondo began asking other people this same question and collecting quotes from successful people, men and women representing all different industries, running million-dollar companies.

What follows are tips Arredondo has received from business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the country:

Click here to read Crystal’s tips: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20151116/BLOG106/151119870/harness-passion-focus-on-customer-experience-among-tips-for-business

Mark S. Lee also invited Crystal to appear on his Small Talk radio show. Listen to it here: http://www.leegroupinnovation.com/index.php/podcastcategory/231-small-talk-with-mark-s-lee-nov-8-2015

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