Giving Is Receiving When Serving on National Board

Nov 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

You’ve likely heard it before: To give is to receive. It’s certainly true for the group of successful women business owners who give their time, talent and passion to serve on NAWBO’s National Board that’s responsible for helping to drive NAWBO’s success during their Board term and for years into the future. In the spirit of this issue of NAWBO ONE’s theme of “Giving Back,” we asked our current board members to answer this:


How does giving back by volunteering on a national board, like NAWBO’s, benefit you and your business?

“Giving back on the NAWBO National Board has helped me become a better leader. And being a better leader translates into being a better business owner. Also, being on the leadership of a national organization makes me think larger and broader about my own business. It encourages me to dream big by taking my business to the national level versus staying in a regional mindset.” —Loreen M. Gilbert, President of WealthWise Financial Services in Irvine, California

“My experience is you receive more when you give. I learn more, I am encouraged more, I meet more people, I have more of a network and I have more capacity for understanding. These are just a few things I receive by volunteering my time, efforts and energy with the NAWBO National Board. Working with a group of smart, accomplished women offers many views and opinions, and it is such a learning experience for me. I have also been able to help other women with some of my experiences or knowledge, and it is great when you get that e-mail saying, ‘Thank you for your guidance. I was successful with your help.’ When I go back to my business after a meeting or conference with NAWBO, I am always so energized and determined; I leave with such a ‘can-do’ attitude. My co-workers usually have an extra cup of caffeine my first day back knowing I come back energized!” —Teresa Meares, President of DGG Tactical and Uniform Supply in Jacksonville, Florida

“Serving on the NAWBO National Board benefits me and my business by exposing me to a wide variety of successful women entrepreneurs with a great diversity of experience who I can learn from and then apply those lessons learned in my own business.” —Molly Gimmel, CEO of Design To Delivery Inc. in Bethesda, Maryland

“Volunteering and serving on a board affords me the opportunity to both give and receive. By serving and leading, I am able to share my experience, ideas, knowledge and lessons learned. At the same time, no matter how much I give, I seem to receive much more in return. I get the chance to work and serve alongside amazing, smart people that become peer advisors and friends, I gain additional knowledge that can help me in my business and I am afforded the opportunity to grow as a leader and as a person!” —Jeanette Armbrust, CEO of Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio, LLC in Columbus, Ohio

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